Chloe at Home ~ Condo rehab ~ selecting a cooktop

Happy New Year!  We have moved into our ugly condominium with the fantastic view, but the time is coming for the rehab project to begin, and now there are so many decisions to be made.  Today, I have to decide on a cooktop.  Gas is not an option, it is not available in our new condo.  It will certainly be a smooth cooktop, but now I have to decide between traditional and induction cooktops.

Induction cooktops work by creating a magnetic field which excites iron molecules and heats up the pan and the food in it.  There is no wasted heat with induction cooktops, as the only heat is that created when the cooktop comes in contact with the pan.  There is no additional heat generated in the kitchen.  I am always interested in a a cooler kitchen!  No more baked on spills or fingers burned on the cooktop.  The only con I can find is that you must use pots that are ferromagnetic.  These would be cookware that contain iron.  Cast iron and stainless steel cookware will work fine, so this con is not going to be a problem for me, as that is what I already own.  Induction cooktops also cost more money, but I think the investment is worth it.

I will also have to adjust my cooking, as with induction, the heat is intense and instantaneous, not the slow to heat-up electric range I have been cooking with in the past.


Conventional electric cooktops work by heating up an element, which heats the surface of the cooktop; and the kitchen.  I have decided I will have fun learning to use the new technology and will be purchasing an induction cooktop!

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    1. I purchased my pots to use on my new induction cooktop from Bed Bath and Beyond. I LOVE my new induction cooktop! It works wonderfully.

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