Chloe’s Celebrations ~ 8 Great Party Ideas!

1.  Choose a theme

This one was easy, it was dinner on a sailboat, so of course the tablecloth, napkin rings, etc. were all nautical-themed.  Any party is more festive when you choose a theme and use that theme to coordinate your party food and decor.

2.  Send a fun invitation

When guests receive a fun invitation like this one, their anticipation of the event grows!  Create a fun invitation that expresses your party theme and guests will get in the party mood long before the event begins!

3.  Theme your food

This cheese ball recipe sculpted into a clock-face with almond numbers and pretzel hands is way more fun for a New Year’s Eve Party than a traditional sphere-shaped cheese ball.

4.  Dress to Impress

Dress up to complete the theme of your party!  In this case, adorable Harper was dressed in a custom Ringmaster costume ad she was the Ringmaster of her Circus-themed first birthday party!

5.  Use printables!

There are so many fun printables out on the marketplace (and free ones too).  Look how the addition of these cute “Pop” printables makes these buckets of popcorn look so much more appealing and tie them into the Fourth of July theme of this party.

6.  Offer bottled water

The world has changed, and many of your guests may not want alcohol or even a soft drink.  You will never go wrong by offering bottled water for your guests.  Make the bottles more appealing by trimming them to coordinate with your party theme, in this case, I used printables, but it is easy to use some of the fun new duct tape patterns to dress up your bottles, too.

7.  Store bought is okay

This was a Mother’s Day breakfast I created totally out of store-bought foods.  It is okay to not slave away in the kitchen for days.  The effort you put in to making the display lovely, and the fact that you did it at all will be appreciated all the same.

8.  Relax

This wasn’t a party, but a wedding, but this moment I captured between these two bridesmaids sums up any celebration.  Take the time to look around and enjoy the celebration you have created, enjoy your the time with family and friends.

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