Chloe in the Kitchen ~ Puppy Dog Cupcakes

I have been back in the kitchen creating adorable cupcakes that are both easy and fun to create.  This time…puppy dogs!

Puppy Dog Cupcakes

This one is particularly special to me.  My daughter’s adorable dog often has one ear up and one down, so I made this one in her likeness.

Puppy Dog Cupcakes #celebrateanddecorate

Create your own assorted puppy cupcakes for all of the dog lovers in your household.

I created these cupcakes by first frosting with a generous amount of frosting and tapping the frosting gently with the knife to bring it up to little “furry” points.  Next, using a large decorating tip ( I used Wilton tip #22)  to apply a nice frosting snout for each dog.  Then comes the fun!  Even kids can help with this.  I used caramels warmed in my hands and pulled into the shape I wanted for the ears.  Noses were M & M’s and for tongues I used bubble gum tape and red Air Heads candies.  You can get creative with the eyes, also.  I used brown M & M’s and attached candy eyes for some of my cupcakes and for the others I used mini-marshmallows cut in half and also topped those with candy eyes.  Get creative and have fun!

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