Chloe at Home ~ Finding Lamps for the new Condominium

Okay, I haven’t been blogging much lately.  No excuses, just the truth…finishing moving into our new condominium has been overwhelming to say the least.  Today’s project is finding lamps.  I need a lamp to place on a chest of drawers in our guest room.  This lamp will be on the switch at the door, and can also be seen as you walk past the door.  I want this to be a “statement” lamp, something fun and whimsical.


 This adorable fellow is by Ben de Lisi.  I LOVE this little guy and he would look perfect in my guest room.  Problem?  He is only sold i the United Kingdom and they won’t ship to international addresses.  This little fellow is sold at Debenhams and can be found at  This lamp also comes in white and in newsprint.


This rabbit lamp is by available at duoHome in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, or at   You would think this would make a nice alternative to the French Bulldog, but I am just not feeling the whimsey with this one.

This looked fun to me too, however, my husband immediately voted down this one.  This is also available at lbclighting.

Yes, this is a lamp, not just a sculpture.  The color doesn’t really go with my design, but I had to include this as I came upon it in my search for a whimsical lamp.  This one is from The Cool Stuff, and only costs $25!

The color is right on this one, but I don’t think this is it, either.  I found this one at Modresdes.


For now, I will just lust after this little fellow!  Anyone in the UK want to let me have it shipped to them, and then want to send it on to me in the US?

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