Chloe’s Celebration ~ 25 Unique Baby Shower Themes

I love to get creative with my parties!  Baby showers are no exception.  Select one of these themes, and carry it through from invitation to cake, decorations and favors and everyone will be impressed with your creativity!

  1. Alice in Wonderland – Teacups, teapots and lots of colors.  Check out this one for more ideas.
  2. She’s Ready to Pop – Go for everything that can pop.  Popcorn, bubble gum, balloons.
  3. Teddy Bear – Check out the ideas for a Teddy Bear Baby Shower that I featured here on my blog.
  4. In the Cabbage Patch – Did someone say babies were found under a cabbage leaf?  Use Cabbage Patch dolls, silk cabbage plants.
  5. Beatrix Potter – Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle Duck, are perfect for a baby shower.
  6. Noah’s Ark – Ideal for the mother expecting twins, pairs of little animals can decorate your tables.
  7. Showered With Love – Hang colorful umbrellas upside down, create tissue paper clouds with blue paper water drops.
  8. Nautical “Ship Ahoy, It’s a Boy” – Navy and white can set the mood for a nautical themed baby shower.
  9. About to Hatch – Little chicks and artificial eggs set the mood for this theme.
  10. A little peanut is on the way – Fill vases with peanuts in the shell, serve peanut butter cookies, and more.
  11. A “Bumble” of joy is on the way ~ Bumble bees and honey flavored treats with yellow decorations.
  12. Bun in the Oven – Do you have an old Easy Bake Oven?  Use it on your table with your baked goods.
  13. “Rock” A Bye Baby – Get your rock on, use an old boom box as your centerpiece.
  14. Cirque du Babe – Get creative with this Cirque du Soleil theme, lots of color, hula hoops, huge balloons.
  15. A Star is (going to be) Born – Silver and white stars and lots of glitter create the mood.
  16. Humpty Dumpty – Create a cute Humpty Dumpty from paper mache as your centerpiece for this party.
  17. Dumbo – Nothing says mommy and baby like Dumbo’s mommy singing to him.
  18. Pitter Patter of Little Feet – How about little footprint cookies?
  19. We are over the Moon a baby is on the way – a Large hanging moon and stars, moon shaped cookies.
  20. Little Angel Baby Shower – Use lots of tulle, create puffy clouds to hang from the ceiling.
  21. Rubber Duckie ~ Float rubber ducks on a “pond” punch of blue with the theme, check it out here.
  22. Apple of Our Eye – Bowls or baskets of polished apples, serve apple desserts.
  23. Under Construction – Use toy trucks to display food, decorate with created road signs.
  24. Precious Cargo – (airplanes, ships or trucks) Use toys and little boxes which look like cargo crates.
  25. Let’s Feather the Nest – Little bird nests, bird cages, and little artificial birds set the stage.
  26. Welcome to the World – Globes and maps are the setting for this shower theme.

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