Chloe’s Inspiration ~ Rubber Ducky Baby Shower

Rubber Duckies are baby bath ideas all the way, so why not use these cute little icons of baby bathing to theme your baby shower?  Will this be the idea I decide will be a perfect fit for my daughter’s upcoming baby shower?

Start out with a cute rubber duck invitation like this one from Invitations by Sambri.

These little cupcakes and and cake topped with pretty blue frosting and white icing bubbles make a perfect pool for the little yellow rubber ducks to swim for your guests.  These were found at Kathryn’s Cake Shoppe.

This is one of the sweetest diaper cakes I have seen and is so cute for a Rubber Ducky – themed Baby Shower.  I discovered this one on the  Dancing Bran Flakes blog.

Little rubber ducks “swimming” in a bubbly blue punch!  You can find her recipe at Tidy Mom.

This cute little fellow, and LOTS more rubber ducks are available at Buck a Duck.

This is a very cute idea for a baby shower, I especially like the punch bowl “pond” with the ducks floating on it.  Do be careful that the ducks you purchase float before the day of the shower, it won’t look nearly as cute if your ducks sink to the bottom of the “pond”.  I would say this theme is in the running for my daughter’s baby shower.

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