Pink and white balloons tied with contrasting ribbons and floated

Chloe’s Inspiration ~ balloons for party decoration

What ever happened to that old standby for party decor, balloons?  Banners, garlands and backdrops seem to have taken over and popped the balloons out of the party decor picture.  Considering that, I thought I do some searching around for some great ideas for using balloons for party decor.  Maybe it is time to bring balloons back to the party!Incredible octopus balloon display for a benefit

When I considered using balloons for a party this is not exactly what I had in mind.  This is incredible, just a little large for your everyday birthday party decor.

Pink and white balloons tied with contrasting ribbons and floated

This is more along the lines I was thinking.  The dark ribbons on the light pink and clear/white balloons is a very nice effect.  Balloons are great for filling a large space with color without spending a lot of money.  This is especially true when decorating a space with a high ceiling.  Use that space effectively to draw the eyes up and enlarge the decorated space of the venue.

Lavender, clear and white balloon centerpieces you can make for yourself

These are pretty centerpieces using the technique where you inflate one balloon inside another.  This is very pretty when your outside balloon is clear and printed on like these are.  This centerpiece has height, without costing what flowers with the same height would cost.

Graduation party blue and white fun balloon centerpieces

 Look how fun these centerpieces are!  I love how they used the different shapes.  They wrapped balloons around balloons, stuffed different shaped balloons inside and through others.  Just looking at these makes you feel happy.

Balloons on a cake for a happy birthday celebration, feliz cumpleanos

Blow up some balloons, put them on sticks and stick them into the cake!  How simple, yet festive.

Balloon backdrop for New Year's Eve simulating the bubbles from the champagne

This is one of the most elegant uses of balloons I have ever seen, soft pastel pink, yellow and white balloons of two sizes taped on a wall to simulate bubbles from the Champagne. Check out Amazon’s selection of pearlized balloons to duplicate this look!

Under the sea party balloon display using rubber and mylar balloons

What a cute undersea balloon display this is, using a combination of rubber and mylar balloons.

Shabby chic balloon backdrop for a baby shower or party

White balloons fashioned into a simple dessert table backdrop.

Consider using balloons for your next party, large or small!  Have fun with them, and share your pictures with me here at Celebrate and Decorate.

~ Chloe

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  1. Do you have source for the balloons used on the champagne balloon wall? The exact color names for the balloons would be a big help too. Thanks, Rsie

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