Vintage retro patio chairs on a grassy lawn

Chloe at Home ~ living in a “lifestyle center”

While I wait for my new condominium to close and the all the rehab to happen, I am living in a little apartment in this interesting place.  My husband calls it a “made up village”.   From the research I have done, this is considered a “lifestyle center”.  Since I consider my blog a ‘lifestyle blog’, then I thought it was right that I would share this with you.  We live above Abercrombie (no we don’t smell it).    This is one of those new developments which has retail on the first floor and residential space or office space built upstairs.  I am a fan of these kind of developments.  To me, this is how our cities and towns used to be, with families owning a shop or business downstairs and living upstairs.  I think this makes quite a bit of sense.  I love being able to walk to the grocery store, the book store, movie theater and to nearly a dozen restaurants.

Flower gardens in my neighborhood

Unfortunately in this center  there are only a few condominiums available, and all of them are too large, or have too many stairs for people like us who travel with luggage so often.  My husband is also dreaming of a view, so that is where we will be headed, (and wait until I show you the view we are going to have).  I am enjoying my time here, but I will enjoy moving on.  Living in our little apartment is fine, but this is living in the middle of a shopping center, so it can be loud.  I gave a little tour of our apartment a few weeks ago here.

water fountain in my neighborhood

One of the most wonderful things about living here is this huge staff that maintains all the beautiful grounds and flowers.  There are water fountains, flower beds, hundreds of containers of flowers, lawns, a splash zone, a giant chess set, rows of tables with chess boards and pieces, comfortable furniture, tables with umbrellas and more and more.  There are concerts and movies in our park on the weekends and a great farmer’s market once a week.

Painted Adirondack chairs in the park

One of the parks with painted Adirondack chairs available to lounge about.  Check out the Apple store in the background!

Creative upcycled recycling bins

Recycling bins, constructed from recycled materials.

Cafe tables with umbrellas everywhere for residents and guests to enjoy and use

Tables and chairs everywhere for both residents and guest to enjoy.

Vintage retro patio chairs on a grassy lawn

These chairs on the artificial grass are just waiting for guests to sit in them for an upcoming concert.

Giant oversized chessboard for you to actually play in the park

A big game of chess?

Row of chessboards set up ready for people to play in the park

Or a little Chess?  Lots of tables, set up with pieces ready for you to play.

splash zone, summer water fun, kids playing in the water, pool alternative

Kids playing in the splash zone on a hot summer day.


What people most notice and comment on when visiting my neighborhood is the flowers.  Beautiful pots of flowers everywhere!


All of this, shopping, dining, and I live here too!

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