Lovebird's bridal shower tablescape

Chloe’s Inspiration ~ Bridal Shower themes

I have thrown that wonderful Alice in Wonderland – themed baby shower for my niece, and now I get news that a dear friend of my daughter’s will be getting married next September.  My daughter and I will be hosting a bridal shower, so now it is time for me to begin considering themes for a bridal shower.

Linens and Lingerie bridal or wedding shower desserts, corset shaped cookies

These sweets are from a Linens and Lingerie shower.  This would be a cute way to dress the home with new linens and the bride with new lingerie.

Alphabet shower ideas for a baby shower or a wedding shower, where each guest brings a gift that begins with the letter which they are assigned

This may have possibilites for our shower, an Alphabet Shower, where each guest is assigned a letter and has to bring a gift that starts with that letter.  Decor would include alphabet letters, and cookies might be letter-shapes.

Around the clock bridal or wedding shower where each guests brings a gift to be used during a specific hour of the day

How about an “Around the Clock Shower”?  Each guest is assigned a time of the day and brings a gift the couple would use during that time.  It could be fun, but might not work for a guest with a specific gift in mind.

Tiffany themed shower or party

I think a lot of brides-to-be would enjoy a Tiffany’s themed shower!  You can see more about this theme at my Tiffany party post here.

Chevron bridal shower with vintage accents

This is an interesting take on a vintage modern bridal shower.  I like the use of the chevron pattern throughout the party decor.  You can see more of it at Hostess with the Mostess blog here.

Kitchen shower centerpiece

If I were to hold a Kitchen Shower where all the guests would help outfit the couple’s new kitchen, I would have to use colanders like these for centerpieces!

Lovebird's bridal shower tablescape

This is a lovely tablescape for a “Lovebirds” themed bridal shower.

There are so many ideas for showers:

Color Shower – Use the Bride’s wedding colors or favorite colors, and theme the shower around those.

Spa Shower – Arrange for manicures, pedicures and/or facials for guests.

Chocolate Shower – Serve up chocolate desserts and decorate in brown and a pastel color like pink or green.

Wine Tasting Shower – Arrange for a wine-tasting and serve up cheeses to go with the wines.

Backyard Barbecue Shower – A great idea for a couple’s shower.

Stock the Bar Shower – Another couple’s shower idea where guests bring glassware and alcohol to stock the bar!

Pajama Party Shower – Invite your guests to come in their pajamas.

Garden Party Shower – Set the party outdoors in the garden, or bring the outdoors in with pots of flowers on the          tables, and serve food in flowerpots.

Travel Shower – Set the scene with maps and globes, send out invitations that look like passports or airline tickets.

Have fun planning your shower!  I know I will continue to research ideas for the bridal shower I am helping to host next year!

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