Silver Revere Bowl

Chloe’s Tips ~ How to keep silver from tarnishing

I don’t own a complete set of silverware, if you, treasure it.  I do, however have many odd silver serving pieces, such as a water pitcher, and a Revere bowl.  I don’t really mind polishing silver, however, it would be so nice to open up my silver and have it all ready to use.

tarnished silver bowl

The elements in the atmosphere are what makes your silver tarnish.

1.  Seal your silver in an airtight container or plastic bag.

2.  Add anti-tarnish strips to the plastic bag.  If you don’t have any anti-tarnish strips.  I have found a piece of blackboard chalk will do a good job.

Anti-tarnish silver strips

When you take your silver out to use it will still be shiny and ready to use!

Silver Revere Bowl

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