Chloe’s Inspiration ~ Celebrate New Year’s Eve

It somehow seems appropriate that we finish off this extended holiday season which we celebrate in the United States with a toast of Champagne and a kiss.  Being in the middle of all of the moving and remodeling, I am looking forward to being finished with the holiday season and toward the new year.  I will celebrate this New Year’s Eve with a quiet dinner for my husband and I and my parents.  I hope this New Year’s eve brings you the hope and promise of a blessed 2018 and all it has yet to show you.  

Source:  Kendall Hotel

 Dress up your water bottles with these clocks to get guests ready for the countdown to midnight.  You can download the printables for free by going here.

Source:  Bedazzle My Bonbons

How about these incredible silver and gold and sparkly chocolate bonbons from Bedazzle my Bonbons to add some sparkle and yum!

Source:  Eddie Ross

I actually love this idea for serving Champagne at a party, both tall and short Champagne flutes, offering a choice for your guests, who may want to toast, but may not want to consume more than a small taste of Champagne.

Sculpt your homemade cheese ball into a clock face to keep with the countdown to midnight theme.  You can find the recipe and instructions here.

Source:  Bakingdom

Rim your cocktail glasses with gold or silver sugar for a fun and festive punch to your New Year’s Eve celebration.

If you hare having a big crowd, how about incorporating a beautiful silver and white candy buffet for your guests to indulge in.  Whatever you do, have fun ringing in 2013!

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