Halloween Cookies

Chloe’s Inspiration ~ Halloween Cookies

October has arrived and it is time for me to get baking so I have lots of Halloween cookies to share with friends and family.  I am known for making these wonderful cut out cookies.  I am not the most talented cookie decorator in the world, but I have been told that my cookies are the best tasting in the world.  Next week I will share my Halloween cookie creations, but for this week, I thought I would search the internet for any fresh ideas for Halloween cookies.  Enjoy!

Halloween Cookies

Source:  Rollingpinproductions.com

 These cookies are amazing!  The personalities really come through due to the incredible decorating.  Trust me, my cookies will not look this good!

Halloween Cookies

Source:  bigfatcook.com

These cookies are still more detailed than I do, but I love the variety of cookies and colors shown here.  I had never seen the caramel apple or the Tootsie Rolls, which are both adorable!

Halloween cookies

Source: http://www.foodland.com/recipe/halloween-cookies

These cookies are probably a little more like mine, these have colored sanding sugar on them, which is very popular with the people I gift my cookies to.

Spiderweb Halloween cookies

Source: http://acheibafo.wordpress.com/tag/halloween/

I have yet to master the method of decorating the cookies like this, pulling the color through with a toothpick, maybe this year!

Witch Hat Halloween Cookies

Source: http://doodlebugcookies.blogspot.com/2010/10/happy-halloween.html

These are cute ideas  for a variety of witch hats  for Halloween, cuter than just black.

Witch hat cookies

Source: http://doodlebugcookies.blogspot.com/2010/10/happy-halloween.html

After posting the previous witch hat cookies, I stumbled upon these, which I like even better!

Black Bat cookies for Halloween

Source: http://www.etsy.com/listing/105177403/halloween-bat-cookies

These bats are adorable, but I think I will frost mine in purple, because black frosting is not pretty in your mouth.

I hope these cookies give you some inspiration.  I would love to see your Halloween cookie creations!  I will begin baking this afternoon, so check back for pictures of my original creations!

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  1. Hi Chloe!

    I have been fortunate enough to enjoy some of your Christmas cookies and they were not only visually-appealing but the taste? O.M.G. Delicous! I think you undersell yourself in the baking department!

    I have to absolutely agree with this remark, “…black frosting is not pretty in your mouth.” I had the pleasure of enjoying a scrumptious Phantom of the Opera-themed cake at a party once. The cake was fantastic but the black frosting tasted a bit like metal and stained my lips and teeth!

    1. Thanks Tim! Even I have a difficult time staying out of the cookies after they are baked! I guess I will have to bring some your way this Christmas!

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