Napkin folding for Easter into bunny rabbit ears

Inspiration ~ Napkin Folding

Okay, I have covered using linen napkins before, and I mentioned that I don’t fold napkins into creative shapes.  I am a fold it neatly on the place plate or charger kind of woman.  There are hundreds of websites and books out there providing detailed instructions on how to fold napkins into all kinds of incredible shapes and creatures.  I am sticking by my guns, I won’t be folding my napkins into Christmas trees or bunnies any time soon, but I wanted to bring you some creative napkin fold images.

Napkin folding for Easter into bunny rabbit ears

Ashley with attention to detail events provides a step-by-step video to create this bunny rabbit for Easter.

Fold a napkin like a diaper for a baby shower

This is a fold that even I could manage, and is adorable for a Baby Shower!

Napkin folding for Thanksgiving or Father's day

This one reminds me of a smoking jacket!

napkin folding

A fairly traditional napkin fold.

Elf Hat napkin folding or fold for a holiday dinner

Love this Pixie hat for Christmas

Pocket or vagina napkin fold to keep bread warm inside

How about this pocket to tuck warm rolls into?

Rather standard restaurant napkin fold technique

Often seen is restaurants, click on the image for the tutorial on this one!

Delish offers up twenty different napkin folding step-by-step tutorials!  Check it out!  Good luck with your napkin folding, please share your pictures with me, as for me, I will be folding mine into rectangles!

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