Hot dogs baked in crescent rolls to look like little mummies for a Halloween Party

Chloe’s Inspiration ~ Halloween Party Foods

Halloween will be here before I know it.  I need to decide what kind of foods I will want to serve at my party.  I am looking for nice finger foods that are Halloween – themed, but not too gross.  A lot of the party foods you normally serve will do for Halloween, you just need to label them with creative names and serve them in creative ways.


Hot dogs baked in crescent rolls to look like little mummies for a Halloween Party

These little guys are fun and yummy.  Pigs in a blanket become little mummies by wrapping the hot dogs in thin strings of crescent roll dough!

Spider web on a bowl of salsa or red dip for halloween, decorated with a little sour cream and a couple of plastic spiders

Halloween – up your salsa dip by piping on a web of sour cream and add a couple of plastic spiders!

Halloween party meat served on a skull

This one might be a little gross for me.  Take a plastic skull, wash and dry it, and then layer thin sliced luncheon meats on it to create a skull which looks like the skin has been peeled away.

 Carrot soup served in test tubes and ghost sandwiches

These foods stick with Halloween orange, but would probably work in other colors too.  Brown pumpernickel bread with a cheese spread cut into ghost shapes and carrot soup shots served in test tubes set the mood.

White pumpkin cheese ball for a halloween party

Your favorite cheese-ball recipe shaped into a pumpkin is perfect for Halloween.

Eyeball deviled eggs for Halloween Party food

How about turning your deviled eggs into eyeballs?  Green and red natural food colorings help create the look along with pimento stuffed olive slices.

Spicy Vampire Bat wings for a Halloween Party

Who doesn’t like to serve up wings at a party?  Call them Vampire bat wings and you have an ideal Halloween party food.

Bucket of bones ribs for halloween

Ribs are delicious, but if you call them a bucket of bones, they become a Halloween party food.

I know I will be preparing some of these finger foods for my upcoming Halloween party.  I would love to hear what your favorite Halloween foods are.  If you are looking for some Halloween Cocktails for your party, check these out. Sweets and desserts are a big party of Halloween, so I will devote an entire post to Halloween treats soon!

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    1. Thanks Sandra! I think the skull is a little too creepy for me to put out at a party, too. Stay tuned for all kinds of Halloween treats and beverages coming up in the next couple of weeks!

  1. Get OUTTA here, Chole!!!! These are just TOO MUCH FUN!!! I didn’t get to do much for Halloween this year since my back is giving me so much trouble, but next year with some of your ideas…unstoppable!!! The skull with the meats is really gross!!! That’s why I like it…it is very unexpected and will get a really great reaction from partygoers! It’s all “Silence of the Lambs” gross!!!! 🙂

    Terrific post! Hope you had a great Halloween!

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