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Chloe’s Inspiration ~ Simple Christmas Centerpieces

There is so much going on for the holidays, Christmas trees, outdoor decorations, shopping and wrapping, cooking and baking, take a break for your table centerpiece and create something simple.

Source:  Style Estate

Sprinkle some artificial snow on a tabletop and then add white candles and any additional silver and white winter themed items for a magical snowy centerpiece.

Source:  Better Home and Gardens

Sugared fruit it easy and beautiful.  You can display it in any dish you have, a crystal bowl, under a glass cloche, or stacked on a favorite cake plate.

Source:  Christmas Light Source

 Choose a selection of lovely Christmas ornaments that coordinate with your decor and add them to your tabletop in a lovely crystal bowl for a simple and easy centerpiece.

Source:  Better Home and Gardens

Use some craft store glue or stick-on rhinestones to add to some artificial pears for an elegant and easy centerpiece.

Source:  Shelterness

Collect some pinecones and paint them to match your Christmas decor, pile them on a tray or pedestal cake plate for an easy centerpiece.

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