Chloe’s Inspiration ~ Retro Christmas Decor

Sometimes you just don’t want to go traditional, you want to mix it up and add a punch of retro color combinations, or perhaps you have a mid-century modern home and want to decorate for the holidays along the same vein.  Here are a lot of ideas to get you started in creating that retro look.

Retro Christmas Decor

 Pops of neon green and pink create a classic retro Christmas look.

Source:  Torimask Blogspot

A white Christmas tree with vintage ornaments in pops of turquoise and hot pink is a classic retro look.

Christmas Chandelier Decor

Source:  Style Estate

Hang Christmas balls in bright colors from any chandelier to add a touch of retro to your holiday decor.

Retro Christmas Ornament Wreath

                                                                               Source:  Retro Roadmap

Using vintage Christmas ornaments to make a wreath will make a retro Christmas statement.  If retro is your choice for Christmas decor, add some neon and mix in some vintage ornaments for a fun holiday look.

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