How to create these fun floating ghosts for floating on your halloween punch

Chloe’s Inspiration ~ Scare up your Halloween Beverages

Check out Halloween Cocktail recipes here, and Halloween Punch recipes here.  After you have decided on your Halloween drinks, use some of these ideas to “dress up” your drinks and punch bowls!

Glow in the dark drinks for a Halloween party


Want your drinks to glow in the dark?  Quinine which is found in tonic water actually glows beneath a black light.  Tonic water can be bitter, so make sure you add some sweetness to your glow in the dark drinks.

Spooky punch for halloween with dry ice


To create this look, buy a small block of dry ice.  Punch several holes in the lid of a small plastic container and put the dry ice in it.  (Dry ice will burn bare skin with frostbite very quickly, so do not handle it with bare hands.)  Put the container in your punch bowl, hold it down so the punch seeps into the container so it does not float.  Now you have that spooky mist effect in your punch.  By using this method, you prevent anyone from accidentally ladling some of the dry ice into their glass.

 Spooky Halloween punch with floating hand made of ice


To create the fun floating hand seen in the punch bowl above, I recommend the following method, from  Sherri Foxman at

Put on a latex glove and thoroughly wash your hands with dish soap and water.
Rinse well and turn the glove inside out so the just washed side is on the inside.
Fill the glove with water and tie off the end.
Freeze completely.
Remove the glove, drip a few drops of red food coloring on the frozen hand and place it in the center of the punch bowl.

Get creative for Halloween!  Use a discount store plastic cauldron to nestled a punch bowl down into, so it appears your punch is truly a Witch’s brew!

Lots of Halloween cocktail recipes


I love the spiderweb created in the bottom of this glass, painted on with melted chocolate.

How to create these fun floating ghosts for floating on your halloween punch


1  pint whipping cream or half-and-half
1/4  cup sugar
1  teaspoon vanilla

Stir together whipping cream or half-and-half, sugar, and vanilla until sugar is dissolved. Place silicone ghost mold on small tray. Pour cream mixture into molds. Cover with plastic wrap, freeze for 6 hours or overnight until firm.

Black widow beverage, black widow punch, dress up your halloween drinks


I didn’t feature this Black Widow Punch as much for the recipe as for the presentation.  Wrap a glass with some of those dollar store fake spider webs.  Attack a plastic spider to a piece and wrap that around a bendable straw so the spider hangs precariously.

how to make bloody drips for Halloween cocktails


In a shallow dish that is wider that the rim of your glasses, combine corn syrup and red food coloring. Use a toothpick to mix until the corn syrup is completely red.  Dip the rim of each glass into the red corn syrup. Turn each glass upright and let the corn syrup drip down the sides.



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