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Chloe’s Tips ~ Glassware for your bar

There are so very many kinds of glasses you can purchase to set up your bar.  Below is a list of basic barware that should support most of the drinks you will serve, along with a picture of each glass.

Brandy snifter
The shape of this glass concentrates the alcoholic odors to the top of the glass as your hands warm the brandy.
Typical Size: 17.5 oz.

Brandy Snifter

Champagne flute
This tulip shaped glass is designed to show off the waltzing bubbles of the wine as they brush against the side of the glass and spread out into a sparkling mousse.
Typical Size: 6 oz.

Champagne flute

Cordial glass
Small and stemmed glasses used for serving small portions of your favourite liquors at times such as after a meal.
Typical Size: 2 oz.

Cordial Glass

Highball glass
A straight-sided glass, often an elegant way to serve many types of mixed drinks, like those served on the rocks, shots, and mixer combined liquor drinks (ie. gin and tonic).
Typical Size: 8-12 oz.

Highball glass

Old-fashioned glass
A short, round so called “rocks” glass, suitable for cocktails or liquor served on the rocks, or “with a splash”.
Typical Size: 8-10 oz.

Old Fashioned Glass

Red wine glass
A clear, thin, stemmed glass with a round bowl tapering inward at the rim.
Typical Size: 8 oz.

Red Wine Glass

White wine glass
A clear, thin, stemmed glass with an elongated oval bowl tapering inward at the rim.
Typical Size: 12.5 oz.

White wine glass

Beer Pilsner
A clear thick glass tapering toward the base.
Typical 16 oz.

Beer Pilsner

If you typically serve Margaritas, you might want to add Margarita glasses to your barware.  These glasses are not all necessary, you can start out with those glasses which you use most often.  Generally, I would begin setting up a bar with white wine glasses and highball glasses.  The next glass to add would be the old-fashioned glasses, of course these are guidelines, not rules!  Keep in mind, you can use a white wine glass to serve most any drink.  Check out The Perfect Glass for more details.

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