Washing tape bunting for party decorations.

Chloe’s Inspiration ~ The wonderful world of washi tape.

Washi tape, you have seen it out there all over craft blogs and Pinterest, but what is it?  “Washi” come from wa – for Japanese, and “shi” for paper.  Washi is manufactured from ‘green’ resources, such as the bark of the gampi tree, paper mulberry, mitsumata shrub, bamboo, hemp, or wheat.  Washi tape feels like masking tape, and like masking tape, it can easily be removed.  That being said, it is like masking tape, if you adhere it to paper, you may be able to remove it, but you will have to work at it and do it slowly; however, if you use it on glass, metal or plastic, it will come off easier.  If you want to decorate something with washi tape for a temporary time, such as a party; for easiest removal, remove it as soon as possible after the event.  The beauty of washi tape is that it comes in endless colors and patterns making it a wonderful product for crafting, and of course, party and home decor!  Today I will bring you all kinds of party decor ideas, and next week I will feature home decor ideas with washi tape!Washi tape flags on straws for a party or just for fun

Look how special these simple plastic straws become when you add a little washi tape flag to each one!

 Using washi tape to decorate place cards

 How about dressing up your place cards with washi tape?

Washing tape bunting for party decorations.

Fun homemade bunting created from washi tape for party decor.

Cute washi tape decorated card with tiny washi pennants.

Of course you may want a card decorated with washi tape.

Washi tape vases for a creative centerpiece down a party table

Create washi tape centerpieces with bottles and jars painted white and decorated with washi tape.

Washi tape decorated spoons

Add a pop of color and fun to wooden spoons for party foods.

Washi tape cupcake flags and tiny pennants for party fun.

Cupcake, or in this case, muffin flags from washi tape!

washi tape diy favor bags tutorial

Ucreate offers a nice tutorial for how to create these cute party favor bags made with washi tape.

Favor bottles decorated with washi tape

Look how cute these favor bottles are when trimmed with washi tape.

These are some great ideas, aren’t they?  If you are going to use washi tape for an upcoming party, what are you planning to create?  Share your ideas and pictures with me here at Celebrate and Decorate!


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