Gorgeous glass shower enclosure

Chloe at Home ~ the search for a shower style

Showers, the kind in bathrooms, not the baby shower I am currently working on is today’s post.  My  new condominium will be modern in design, so now I am on the hunt for the shower for the master bathroom.  This will be  a second home, where I will live only part time, so I don’t need to have a bathtub, but I would love a great shower.  Come on along with me for the search.

Contemporary shower head for modern shower

Waterfall shower head

How about this shower head?  Choice of spray or waterfall is something I would like.

Horizontal shower with heated bed

This looks like it might be relaxing to lay there, but seriously, I don’t need to lay down to shower.  I am capable of standing and washing myself in the shower.

Modern bathroom shower with steam and seats

I am not generally a fan of these pre-fabricated showers, but if this has steam, my husband would love it.  I wonder how the wood will hold up under thousands of showers and the soap scum.

Old style subway tile shower with modern glass door and wall and pebble floor.

I do like this look of the subway tile and the pebble floor.  I wish I was going to have a window in my shower!

Marble mosaic tile shower with niche for shampoo and built in bench

I really like the size and shape of this shower with the built in bench and the niche for shampoos.  This might be a little too much marble tile for me, however.

Subway tile in traditional pattern for shower

I am confident I will use this white subway tile laid in this pattern.  I certainly will need a niche like this for shampoo and conditioner.

Marble subway tile shower with marble mosaics inset

This is a lovely shower, I do like how they have used the marble mosaics.  I may have to to use those along with the standard subway tiles, for a little interest.

Subway tile shower with inset of small gray mosaics

This would be the look with the inset marble mosaics I would be going for.

Gorgeous glass shower enclosure

Up until now I was concentrating on the tile, assuming I would use clear glass panels for the shower, but  this is amazing!  I am not sure that it will work with my ultra-contemporary style, but I will have to think about it.

I have shared the general idea of what my new master bathroom shower will “hopefully” look like.  I promise to keep you updated and will of course, bring you lots of pictures of the final project!  If you could design your dream shower, what would it look like?  Have you installed it?  I would love to see your pictures and share them here on Celebrate and Decorate!


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    1. P.S. I love the pebble floor, but I think that it might hurt to walk on with bare feet, and way to much exposed grout to clean in my opinion.

      1. You might be right about too much exposed grout to clean, however, I think the pebbles would be like a nice massage for the feet.

    2. Amber, thanks for stopping by and commenting! What do you think you do, wash one side of yourself, roll over and wash the other side? It might be nice for a spa treatment, but probably not too practical for every-day showering! Thanks, Chloe

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