Thanksgiving tablecloth

Creating a Thanksgiving Tradition

Since Thanksgiving revolves around a meal, one of my favorite traditions is the Thanksgiving memory tablecloth.  If you want to start this tradition, purchase a solid color tablecloth, and an assortment of permanent markers.

Create your own Thanksgiving Tablecloth

This is not a required step, but I chose to use Fall Leaf and acorn cookie cutters as a pattern, and traced them onto the tablecloth with permanent markers.  Fill the cloth as much as you would like, I would leave some space if you also want to add tracing around children’s handprints to the cloth.

Thanksgiving tablecloth

Pass out the permanent markers, and ask everyone at the table to sign the cloth and share anything they are thankful for, or want to share.

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  1. What a fabulous idea Chloe -I love that tradition! Such a beautiful record of Thanksgiving history! SO glad you got to get away for a while, and can’t wait to see what you’re up to in the kitchen! 🙂 Take care my friend, and Happy Upcoming Holidays!

    I’d suggest readers always think to put a plastic liner, cardboard, or newspaper under the tablecloth before using permanent markers on it for both tracing the leaf shapes and for filling them in with names, dates, thankfulness comments, and other messages or decorative touches. This will prevent any marker ink that goes through the fabric from leaving any marks directly on the table surface, which may happen with the easily penetrating, alcohol-based indelible ink. Better to be safe, than sorry. It won’t matter if some ink goes through onto a liner, cardboard, or newspaper sheets. You can discard those, but you don’t want your table surface left with traces of ink. If a plastic liner is used, you also have the option to fold it up after use and put it away to reuse another Thanksgiving for the same purpose, or to save it to protect a work surface in a craft project where markers, paints, or glue could transfer, smear, spatter, or spill.

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