Chloe’s Tips ~ Crepe paper backdrop tutorial

It is very easy to create a crepe paper backdrop.  You can make one bright and colorful like this one that I made for my  Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower, or you can make it elegant in just one or two colors.  You can see the entire Alice In Wonderland Party post here.


You will need crepe paper folds.  I bought mine online from Amazon, where you can find all kinds of colors.


Cut pieces of the folds.  Cut them  into a variety of widths to add interest to the backdrop.  I cut mine in sections anywhere from three to five inches wide.


Take the sections you have cut, and cut fringes into the both sides as shown:  Again, to add variety, cut some finer than others.  Make sure you don’t cut through too far, or your fringed pieces will tear. 


You will want to use a dowel rod, a tension rod or inexpensive piece of molding to attach all your crepe paper to.  You can see how I used a tension rod.  You can use tape or hot glue.  If you use hot glue, you will probably want to be using a dowel you won’t need to use again for some other purpose.  Work down the piece rod attaching sections of the cut crepe paper one at a time, alternating the colors.  After one entire row of crepe paper is attached, go back and add a second and third layer, repeating the entire process until you have as many layers as you would like.


Use at least four layers if you want to hide whatever is behind your backdrop.  If you have a neutral wall, you may get by with three layers.  Carefully hang your backdrop in your desired location, and then gently unroll the pieces of crepe paper.  Using your hands, gently scrunch your pieces of crepe paper to give some texture to your backdrop.


The above is another crepe paper backdrop that has been hung over a window.  You can see that you still get some light through the colors.  Have fun, be creative with colors, and create your own custom crepe paper backdrop! 

Enjoy your party!

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  1. Wow, such a great idea. I am always stumped when it comes to creating a back drop! Thanks so much for linking to the This Is How We Roll Thursday link party! I can’t wait to see what you share next week!

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