Chloe’s Celebrations ~ Favorite Party Backdrops

Backdrops are the easiest way to add some oomph to your party decor.  Create any one of these lovely backdrops to set off your food or gift table for a party that is out of the ordinary. 

Set the scene for your Hollywood – themed party with this great backdrop available from Props Unlimited.

I used this lace with the pink frame for my Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower, but I like this idea for any kind of bridal shower or tea party.  I am considering using black lace and a silver frame for a Halloween backdrop.

This diy backdrop can be easily created using the directions available at Fiskers.com

White Christmas trees would se the scene for a lovely winter wonderland party.  This image came from Props Unlimited.

You can find the tutorial to create this crepe paper backdrop at Celebrate and Decorate right here.

I found this wonderful Alice in Wonderland – themed party backdrop on Etsy by Swanky Prints.

This might be a little creepy for my parties, but you might find this bloody backdrop perfect for your Halloween Party.  I found this one at Party Kiosk.

Use a backdrop to set the scene for your next party, be it creepy, lacy, girly, or colorful!  I would love to see your favorite party backdrops!  Share yours with me any time!

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