DIY Summertime Sailing Themed Wreath

We are sailors in the summertime, so I decided it was time to make a cute little nautical wreath to hang on the dock when we are at the boat.  I started out with a foam wreath form and some red and blue yarn.  I liked that this was not only nautical, but also patriotic!DIY-SAIL-WREATH

I used glue on the back side of the wreath as I wrapped the yarn tightly around the wreath form.  You have to be careful to keep the glue off the yarn, as it seems to dry white on yarn.  Wrap the yarn very tightly.

You can see the spots where I got some glue on the yarn, but you can also see how tightly I wrapped the yarn.

You can see how adding the rope begins to cover up the glue I had gotten on the blue yarn.  Once again, I glued the rope down to the yarn on the wreath.  I was much more careful this time

The final step was to add my letters which I glued on with a glue gun and my wreath was ready to go to the Yacht Club.

Now my wreath is ready hanging by my sailboat when we are in port!  You can use this idea with the yarn around a foam wreath form to make all kinds of wreaths!  Add your name to your wreath, or make one in your favorite team colors!  I would love to share your creations!

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    1. Thanks Sandra! You always share the most DELICIOUS things! Happy Independence Day to you!

    1. Thanks Jenna, it was so easy (after I learned how to get the yarn wrapped really tightly). I was thinking these would be cute in team colors with kid’s names on them!

    1. Thanks Kathryn for featuring my wreath! I don’t do a lot of homemade stuff, but was really happy to share this!

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