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13 Ways to Use Rope in your Interior Decor

13 Ways to Use Rope in Your Interior

I am always on the lookout for creative ways to add a nod to nautical or coastal decor in my home.  A quick scan of the internet turned up all kinds of ideas for incorporating rope into my interior design.  A little bit of rope can go a long way, there is no way I plan on using all of these in one house, but I am sure I will use one or two of these ideas.  If you are looking for ideas for adding a little rope to your interior, I think you will find something here you may want to use.. Monkey Fist Drapery Tie Back

Source: PinterestA monkey fist knot tie back is a great way to add a small nautical touch to your room.  These are especially pretty when secured with a starfish anchor.

Round Rope Mat
Source: Completely Coastal

I absolutely love these round rug mats.  I can picture using these in all of the bathrooms in the new house.  They don’t look too difficult to make.  I think the challenge will be finding the right rope for this project.

Source: Remodelista

This is a great way to disguise an unsightly column.  Perhaps you have one of these columns in your basement rec room.  If your decor leans toward the nautical, try this instead of having to cover the column with expensive millwork.

Rope Chandelier
Source: Restoration Hardware

This chandelier from Restoration Hardware is a lovely example of adding a rope accessory into your home.  I am actually thinking about this chandelier in the rectangle shape for my foyer, but I am a long way from making any firm decisions yet.

Rope stairway railing
Source: House Beautiful

I don’t have a staircase in my new house, but I sure love the rope used as a railing.  I have seen many of styles of this done, but this is my favorite, using a very substantial rope adds heft to the railing.

Knotty Floor cushion

This is a very expensive pouf, but I love it’s nod to the nautical with its knotted style.

Turk's Head Coasters
Source: Wedding Bee

You can find tutorials all over the internet on how to make your own celtic knot coasters or placemats.  These are not only functional, they are a stylish addition to your home decor.

DIY Beehive
Source: Better Housekeeper

This might be a project you want to put outdoors, but I think it would make a great statement piece as part of a summer garden tablescape!  The Better Housekeeper shows you all the DIY for under $10 for this project.

Cotton rope handtowel holder
Source: Stonk Knots

Stonk Knots is a company that makes all kinds of creative products with rope and knots for your home.  They are located in the United Kingdom, however it is a great place to check out for all of the ideas.

Source: Art Fire

This rope bowl is made by a gentleman in Canada who has been sailing for over 25 years.  He makes some beautiful rugs out of rope also.  I may order one of these just to keep fruits and vegetables on my boat.  This would be pretty on a coffee table just as is, or near an entry to collect keys, glasses and whatnots.

DIY Sail Wreath
Source: Celebrate and Decorate

The only craft I have tackled up at the boat was to create this fun “Sail” wreath to which I added a little bit of rope trim.  I still like to hang this out when we are expecting company at the boat.

Rope Charger
Source: Pottery Barn

These rope chargers would be great for setting a coastal table, or even to use as a trivet under a hot dish on your serving table.

Rope lamp base
Source: Our Home Away from Home

Wrapping an out of style lamp with rope is a great way to bring it into your current decor.  Maria Elena provides all the DIY instructions over at her blog.


Jute rope cord

If you want to take on some of these projects, Amazon is a great place to pick up all kinds of rope.  I like this lightweight jute which would make nice coasters.



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  1. love all the rope inspirations Chloe! Nautical is so in right now, you are bound to find tons of stuff for your nautical decor~

    1. Thanks Jenna, I am looking forward to finding all the perfect touches for my new home!

  2. I love all of these nautical looks. Thanks so much for sharing at #OMHGWW!

  3. I have always been a fan of the nautical look even though I haven’t spent that much time around water. It’s such a natural and relaxed look. We have columns in our basement and they are unsightly! Rope around them would be a great enhancment.

  4. These are all wonderful ideas. Love the bee skep. I’m drawn to them and this would be a fun project.

    Enjoy your day


    1. We took an ordinary ceiling fan and wrapped rope around the pole just to give it a little nod of nautical!

  5. My sister used ropes for all the poles on her very big porch. She chose to keep the natural color of the wood;
    I must admit it created a beautiful visual effect. Thanks for sharing Chloe. Good luck with decorating your new house.

  6. Chloe what an inspiration you are….I love all the rope applications especially the bee skep. I have rope chargers and they are one of my favorite. Hugs my friend.

  7. I love all things coastal these days and there’s lots of inspiration here.

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