Dreaming of a Lake Life

Lake Life

I have really been dreaming about living a lake life lately.  Maybe I have watched too many episodes of HGTV Lakefront Bargain Hunt.  Maybe it is just because it gets too darn hot here in Florida in the summertime and a swim in a refreshing lake (without alligators) sounds wonderful.


The beach is lovely, think about walking on a near empty beach early in morning, or sipping a glass of wine on the beach watching the sunset.  BUT, when you walk back in your house, you are likely going to bring sand back into the house…gritty sand all over your floor, your furniture, on your towel when go to dry yourself off after a shower.  Yep, beaches mean sand.  Then there is those pesky sharks.  I know, I am not likely to be bit by a shark, but I would rather not take a chance.  What about those jellyfish?  We have had a rash of jellyfish stings here in Florida.  Then there is the money thing, I know I could buy lakefront property for much less than beachfront.  Okay, yes, the beach is nice, but for me, after weighing all of the possibilities, I think I am a lake girl!


I could see the grands running down the stairs and jumping off the dock into the cool refreshing water, laughter and whoops of joy echoing off of the water.  Of course, if I am going to live on a lake, I am going to want to have a boat, right?  If I have a boat, I am going to want to have a boathouse.  The one above would do just fine!


I could happily spend afternoons lazing on a hanging lounger at water’s edge.  I wonder who is preparing dinner?


Do you do this kind of daydreaming?  What is your dream spot?  A lake, a beach, the mountains?



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  1. We moved to our mountain dream area some years ago. I’ve lived on a small lake and loved the wildlife that would stop by in all seasons, migrating birds particularly. The bugs will get you on a lake in summer. I am a mountain gal at heart.

    1. Oh, I don’t like the bugs, but I would settle for being in a screened in porch or sitting around a fire if that would help. I do love mountains, but nothing sounds better to me than taking a swim in a cool freshwater lake on a hot summer day!

  2. Oh yes, I do this kind of dreaming! The problem is, I have so many houses, it’s impossible to keep up with them all. There’s the cottage – at the beach, where messiness matters little (ha! says the OCD girl). Okay, maybe there’s a shower outside. Then there’s the mountain cabin, and a lake house, of course (after spending a weekend with friends at Lake Norman, I’m sold!). Oh yea, then there’s the city condo and beachfront condo in the Caribbean – lock & leave for gallivanting all around these houses. Haha, note to self – dream on Alice!

    1. Rita, you are so funny! Of course each of these would be decorated differently, too, right? If you could only pick one, or even two, which ones do you think you would pick?

  3. Have lived around both – no swimming in ‘gator lakes and I hate jellyfish and sharks. Living in S. FL on a canal now. Guess it’s more of the Midwest or northern LAKES for me. I sling a mean fly rod and can’t remember not being able to swim. My mother said when I toddled, I swam without fear. My favorite mosquito repellent is a citrus and eucalyptus oil sprayed on me and a chrysanthemum based spray for ticks.

    1. Oh my, sounds like you have lived in some great places. I am thinking a northern lake, too! Cool clear water to swim in sounds wonderful! I bought a Max Life mosquito repeller last year and it is my best friend here in Florida! When I take it out on the porch with me in the evenings, I never get a bite! My hubby is a big fly fisherman! His home fishing club is Rockwell Springs Trout Club in Ohio, but he loves to fly fish the Bahamas and Alaska.

  4. Chloe, I saw just the thing for you. Country Living did a story in November about the Tiny Houseboat by Harbor Cottage Houseboats. Pretty convincing. It even had a laundry room, couple of decks, and a diving board.

    1. Thank you so much, Myrna. We used to have a 41 food sailboat and I could probably have lived on it, but not if I wanted to do any crafting. I just think having a place where the grandchildren could come for a couple of weeks in the summertime would be dreamy, AND, I wouldn’t mind escaping the Florida heat during the hot months, too! I will have to check out that houseboat.

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