Cornucopia Fall Wreath

Fall Wreath  A Fall Cornucopia wreath DIY that celebrates the splendor of the season

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I am not ready to take down my patriotic decor and put up a fall wreath, but this is one I made a couple of years ago and wanted to share again.  I had seen wreaths incorporating a cornucopia and decided I could make a custom one myself.  Follow along the tutorial and you will be hanging a custom fall wreath on your front door as soon as you are ready to make the switch from summer to fall!

Horn of plenty wreath DIY to add some Fall to your entryway

make-a-grapevine-cornucopia-wreath-for-fallI began with a basic 22 inch grapevine wreath and a wicker cornucopia, both from Michael’s. use-a-cornucopia-to-make-a-fall-wreathMost cornucopias you find will have little feet of some kind on them like these.   This one also had a ring on one side so you could hang it on a wall for decoration.  using-a-cornucopia-for-an-autumn-wreathI needed to remove the feet, so I took wire cutters and simply cut the part of the woven cornucopia where it was going through the feet to remove them.  I did the same with the hook on the back.how-to-make-a-thanksgiving-wreath-for-fall-using-a-cornucopiaAfter you have removed the feet and anything else on the outside of your cornucopia, use floral wire or chenille stems like I show you above and pull it through the wicker.  You will use these to attach your cornucopia to your wreath.  You will want to use at least three of these to make sure that the cornucopia is securely attached to the wreath.


diy-tutorial-for-a-fall-wreath-with-a-cornucopiaPull those wires or stems through the grapevine wreath and twist them securely.  If you are using wire, make sure after you have them secure you tuck the ends back into the grapevine wreath so they don’t scratch your door when you hang your wreath.  how-to-make-a-fall-wreath-with-a-cornucopiaYou should have something that looks like this.  I hung my wreath on an easel to work on.  making-your-own-fall-wreath-with-a-cornucopiaFill your cornucopia with dry floral foam.  My cornucopia was large so I used one and a half blocks to fill it.  making-a-horn-of-plenty-wreath-for-fall

Hide your floral foam with a little bit of Spanish moss and then use a wire across the front of the moss to secure the foam in the back of the cornucopia.  (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of that step)make-a-fall-bounty-wreath-with-faux-vegetablesI used wooden sticks stuck securely in a collection of faux vegetables to make my cornucopia appear as if it is overflowing with the bounty of the harvest.diy-horn-of-plenty-fall-wreathBefore I started with this great faux squash vine.  Isn’t this fantastic?  I found it set out for the trash a couple of years ago!  I attached a green berry runner beneath the vine and attached it with wire.  I wanted to stay away from gluing these pieces so I can use them in a different configuration in the future.  use-a-cornucopia-to-create-a-thanksgiving-wreathNext I began adding my larger faux pieces first, making sure all were secured in the floral foam, adding extra wire to secure the larger vegetables to the wreath.making-a-wreath-for-fall-with-a-cornucopiaWhen all of the larger vegetables have been added it is time to begin with some tiny ones and some filler florals.  a-cornucopia-wreath-tutorial-for-your-fall-doorA couple of sunflower buds, some dried florals and some wheat add to the lushness of my cornucopia.fall-harvest-wreathhorn-of-plenty-fall-wreatha-lush-fall-wreath-featuring-a-cornucopia

I am so pleased I have this Fall wreath which such a lush display of the harvest to greet visitors.  Will you be hanging a wreath to greet guests this Fall?


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    1. Very stunning. I have a small cornucopia
      and will have to experiment with my dimensions.
      Thanks for sharing

  1. This is great Chloe and very unique. I also love your step by step photos. I found a wreath that was 70% off at Michaels and went for it. You’ve got this wreath thing down pat and I can’t wait to see what you make for Christmas.

  2. Chloe, this is stunning. Absolutely stunning! I will not be hanging a wreath, at least until Christmas, but only because I want yours! LOL I love the cornucopia on the wreath, it fills it out so nicely and it’s so dimensional. I love it! You did a wonderful job, and I’m sure everyone that comes to knock on your door is going to feel very welcomed!

  3. That is adorable! I have an extra one of each laying around, now I need to get crafting. 🙂 Thank you for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty

  4. Thanks for showing the “guts” of this project. I learned a lot. It was like taking a class in design. A pretty idea is no good unless you know how to implement it.

    1. Thank you Melinda! I try and share all of the steps on DIY projects, but alas, I occasionally get so involved I forget to stop and take a photo! If you make one, don’t forget to run a wire in front of the spanish moss over the floral foam! If you do, your harvest bounty will end up on the floor!

  5. Stunning! Yours is far superior to anything I have seen that they sell for outrageous sums of money. I always rummage around in every store I visit for the deep discount, slightly damaged, off season items and add to my supplies. That way when a cool project appears, like this one, I most likely have everything at hand. I also start at all the dollar stores, (where I live, there are lots of them and mine do carry different product lines), and I have found great craft items dirt cheap! Great share! Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you so much Naomie! I do the same thing, searching for those bargains, that is why I had everything except for the wreath and the cornucopia! I made sure I just wired all of the vegetables into the wreath instead of hot gluing so that I can take it apart and use the pieces differently next year! Back in the bin they will go!

      1. I do the same thing as who has room to store that many wreaths? Plus I change them constantly with the season and holiday. Use the same half dozen wreaths / frames and just throw something together out of my stash or with some newly acquired great find. Way to go! Thanks again! Happy crafting!

  6. Such a unique wreath first and I always love something different. But Chloe it is so gorgeous!! Did I miss how much it cost to make? Would you mind sharing? I would easily see this at my favorite boutique selling for more than $350. And there might be a waiting list!

    Congrats girl…you are my pick for this week’s feature on TaDa! Thursdays Link Party #21 ! Thanks for bringing your talents to our party.

    1. Thank you Debbie! That is so exciting! I guess maybe I need to think about making and selling these, huh? I can’t really give anyone an accurate cost, I bought the wreath and the cornucopia, but I already had all of the foliage and gourds in my “stash”!

  7. Wow, such a unique wreath and it turned out beautifully Chloe. I love the 3 dimensional look and how you added the faux veggies. It really looks like Mother Nature is sharing her bounty with everyone. Lovely

  8. What a beautiful wreath. I’ve never thought to use a cornucopia as part of a wreath. Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle.

      1. DIY is always a great option. I’m popping back in to let you know I’ll be featuring your cornucopia wreath at tomorrow’s Snickerdoodle Party. Hope to see you there!

  9. Chloe, I love your wreath. Very inventive and it looks amazing. Perfect for fall and Thanksgiving. You did an awesome job. Thanks for sharing at Your Inspired Design.

  10. Love this. Any ideas for making something similar that will fit between the door and the storm door? I have trouble with some things because they get squashed between the doors.

    1. Thank you Leah! I know those pesky storm doors are a necessity, but darn they do get in the way of wreaths and door swags, don’t they? How about picking up one of those cute Dollar Tree signs and just hot gluing a few artificial fall leaves to it. That should lie flat for you, and be a bargain, too! I would bed you can find a flat wooden sign with a cornucopia on it to use.

    2. I have a storm door too. You could use a Command hook on the storm door to remove later. A couple of years back, Target sold mini cornucopias.

  11. Even though I have all of the supplies, I wouldn’t have thought of this idea, and it is gorgeous! I’ll be copying this for Fall. Thank you for your inspiration!

    1. I am so glad you have the supplies on hand! I have so many ideas sometimes my brain is on overload! I try and write them down in a notebook so I can actually make the things at a later date! You are so welcome, and thank you for stopping by and leaving me such a nice note!

  12. Chloe, that is one of my all time favorites from you. Since you live in the same area, don’t forget Marge’s Christmas in July event. The squash vine looks like something from there.

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