Easter Bunny Wreath

EASTER BUNNY WREATHMake an Easter Bunny Wreath

I love my cute little Easter Bunny wreath I whipped up during a Facebook LIVE!  It is always so much fun to visit with all of you online!  It is like having friends there to craft together!  Use grapevine to create this fun Easter Decoration for your front doorThis is an easy project that turns out so cute!  I began with an oval wreath that is about 10 inches by 22 inches, a 10 inch round grapevine wreath and a roll of grapevine.  You can soak your grapevine roll in water to make it a little more pliable, but I have found that doesn’t make much difference, so I have forgone that step.  Grapevine can make the cutest Spring decorationThe next step is to attach the round wreath to the oval one.  The round wreath will be my bunny head.  I used three brown pipe cleaners threaded through both of the wreaths to secure one to the other, twisting the pipe cleaners tightly together.  Easy Springtime WreathMake sure that the “head” doesn’t wobble.  If it does, add another pipe cleaner.  Spread out those pipe cleaners so they are not all in one area where the two wreaths overlap.  Use a coil of grapevine for this spring decorThe next step is to take the coil of grapevine and begin to unroll it and form it into a bunny ear.  I used a little more than 15 inches of grapevine for each ear. It is beginning to look like Sp[ring with this project!

Simply take the grapevine and bend it around into the shape you want for the ear as I have shown above.  The grapevine is flexible.  This is a fun springtime project to tackle!Just keep gently squeezing the grapevine until your ear takes shape.  Cut the grapevine off with wire cutters and grab one of those brown pipe cleaners.  You will never believe how cute this is going to be!Secure the end of the grapevine for your ear by twisting a pipe cleaner tightly around the two ends of the piece of grapevine.  Bunny Ears from Grapevine!Here are my pair of ears ready to be attached to the bunny head.  Try and make the ears as similar as possible, but don’t sweat it if they look a little different like mine above.  Remember, that grapevine is a natural product and won’t look exactly the same.  Attach those bunny ears to the headTuck those ears under the head and then use the same technique with the pipe cleaners to attach the ears.  If you have a little bit of grapevine sticking down into the head like mine above, you can simply trim those off with your wire cutters.  How to make an Easter Bunny WreathHere you can see how I attached the ears on the back of the head, keeping the brown pipe cleaners hidden from the front of the wreath.Easter bunny spring wreathNow my bunny is ready to decorate!  This is when you get to be creative and have fun!Forsythia is the perfect addition to my bunny wreath. For me, forsythia says spring, being one of the first blooming branches to start peeking out with some color.   I chose artificial forsythia, pulled it apart and glued it to my grapevine wreath with my hot glue gun.  Easy Easter Bunny Wreath.I decided not to go to heavy with my forsythia and only add a tiny bit to the ears.  A bright pastel bow was added to his neck and my bunny is ready to display

I will be sharing this at Make it Pretty Monday!


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  1. Hi Chloe, this is adorable and so easy. Thank you for sharing. I have a question about the grapevine coil. I am trying to do something different and on the cheaper side of my wallet, I would like to create rustic chargers and I read you can use grapevine wreaths. I worry putting a plate on a grapevine wreath would be rather uneven trying to cut your meat etc. during dinner.

    so I thought I could make these with the grapevine coil, but am not sure this would work either. I love your place settings and I am already thinking about next Thanksgivings table and decorations. The chargers are part of my thoughts.

    Can you help with Ideas or tell me if the coil will work, I am open to any ideas you may have. Thank You!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Maggie! I have found that my plates are heavy enough to not really be wobbly on top of the grapevine wreaths, but honestly, the coil will lay much flatter. I don’t see why the coil wouldn’t work.

  2. I loved my rabbit when I got done…why didn’t I think of doing this? Thank you for sharing and mine is hanging inside. In this kind of weather, (Iowa weather), I didn’t want to take a chance of it being ruined on my door. Have a pleasant weekend!

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