Valentine’s Day all Year Long!

Valentine’s Day all Year Long!

Every year around February 14th, we all scramble to come up with some sort of romantic act or gift for our significant other.  My husband and I have never been big on exchanging Christmas gifts or making extravagant Valentine’s Day plans, but we do incorporate romance throughout the year and into our everyday lives.  Why should we only think about romance on specific holidays when its already expected?  These days it is so easy to forget the romance with our busy lives and schedules, especially in our case with two little ones to keep up with! I would love to share with you five tips for keeping that spark alive all year long.

# 1 : Movie Night!

Why not make movie night special! Enthusiastically choose a movie that your significant other would like even if its not your favorite, and surprise them with some of their favorite candies, soda, and popcorn.  Of course a great alternative would be chocolate covered strawberries and a good bottle of wine, whatever works for you.  The point is to go out of your way to make staying in more like a great date night out.

# 2:  It’s all about the Little Gestures

Couples often forget that when they first began dating small romantic gestures were a regular occurrence. Why not commit to brining that spark back into your relationship this year!  Even if it means putting an alert in your phone reminding you to do something sweet once a month since remembering is often half the battle.  Last week I left a Starbuck’s gift card by my husband’s keys as a little surprise and encouragement for him to treat himself to a well deserved venti caramel macchiato!

# 3: The Parent’s Table

Hiring a babysitter can be very expensive, but that doesn’t mean you cannot have a nice dinner with your spouse.  Every once in a while I will prepare two dinners, one that my kids will like and eat first, and another more grown up meal that my husband and I will sit down to later.  Chloe’s infamous Beef Wellington is a great choice for the grown-ups!  The key is to having a quiet and engaging activity set up for the kids to do after their dinner, and then set a nice table for just the two of you, providing a moment to talk and enjoy each other’s company.

# 4:  The Lost Art of Love Notes

Perhaps love notes have gone by the wayside, and constantly buying greeting cards can become generic and arguably a waste of money.  However, in my apartment we have a chalk board by our front door, and once a week or so I will leave a little message for my husband to remind him that I care.  In this instance he had a big project deadline at work, so I wanted to jot down some words of encouragement.

# 5:  Sweets for my Sweet!

In moderation a little sweet can go a long way, and it doesn’t have to be the traditional box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day.  This year although we were having a low key Super Bowl and not hosting a party, I still surprised my guy with some festive football cupcakes from a nearby bakery you may have heard of.


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