Elegant Centerpieces for a Winter Dinner

Have you ever thought about making statement centerpieces with baby’s breath?  Simple silver vases and baby’s breath make elegant centerpieces.  Tucked between my son’s wedding in France and the Christmas holiday I was hosting a dinner for family that did not travel to Europe for the wedding.  I wanted to make the centerpieces for this restaurant hosted dinner,  but it was a funny time of year.  The Saturday after Thanksgiving was the time for the dinner, not really Fall decor time, and yet, I didn’t want it to be all Christmassy.   I ran around like crazy looking for tall, elegant containers.  I finally decided on these tall mercury glass silver vases.

Winter-Dinner-Party-with-Elegant-Babies-Breath-Centerpieces-681x1024I ordered my baby’s breath from Fifty Flowers, the first time I have ever ordered from them but it certainly won’t be the last!  I had my flowers delivered on Tuesday before my dinner.  I opened my flowers, re-cut every single stem and put them in fresh water.  They were in terrific shape and I will certainly consider using Fifty Flowers again.

Elegant Baby's Breath CenterpiecesI was so very pleased with how these centerpieces turned out, they look like large fluffy snowballs!  I think the combination of the single kind of flowers and the mercury glass vase made these an elegant addition to the dinner party.

Tall Silver vase for arranging flowers.I began with my tall silver mercury glass vases.  This dinner was held in a favorite Italian restaurant and we would be having several items served family style, so I knew I did not want to have large centerpieces down on the tabletop.  These tall vases would add elegance to the dinner and would keep the view across the table clear.

Making a baby's breath centerpieceI began by soaking my large balls of floral foam in water and then just began sticking the baby’s breath in.  I just continued until I got the very full look I wanted and you could not see the green foam at all.

Make your own centerpiece with baby's breathYou can see how the baby’s breath fills in so that the foam does not show at all.  This is a simple arrangement that anyone can master quite easily.

A Winter dinner party with tall silver trumpet of vases filled with baby's breathThe elegant centerpieces of baby’s breath set the scene for a lovely classic Winter dinner.  A perfect opportunity to celebrate a couple beginning their new life together.

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  1. I’ve never seen baby’ s breath look so pretty before. Your centerpieces turned out beautifully. I love the baby’s breath combined with the mercury glass. I also like that baby’s breath is an inexpensive option compared to most flowers.

  2. Lovely. I have been researching this look for my wedding in October and I’m sold on baby’s breath. I have seen the most lovely arrangements with just that. Did you order your vases wholesale? I am looking for somewhere to order wholesale trumpet pilsner vases from. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks and thanks for the very helpful tutorial.

  3. These are gorgeous. Is this something that could be done a day ahead of time or would the floral foam dry out too much? I’ve never worked with floral foam, so I don’t know if you set it in shallow water over night whether it may break down or not. Thank you for the idea! Looking at using it at my wedding.

    1. Hi Tammy, these certainly can be done even 2 or 3 days ahead of time. You will soak the foam ahead of time and then arrange the babies breath in it. You can set the bottom of the ball where you don’t have babies breath in a dish of water until you are ready to put them in the containers for your wedding. Best Wishes!

    1. I ordered these online and the bunches were really big, but I cannot really remember how many of them I used for each. It may have been 3 or 4, but again, these were not the little bunches they sell at the grocery store.

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