Inspiring Party Backdrops

Inspiring Party Backdrops

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Since beginning my blog and studying endless pictures of parties, I have noticed the importance of in party styling.  I don’t know when party backdrops became a ‘thing’, but they obviously have become an important part of a well-designed party.  This is one of my favorite backdrops I have seen, and I plan to use this idea sometime myself.  This was designed by Katie and Alice of Kalice Events.  They used over 50 handmade paper rosettes in designing this backdrop.  This makes an incredible impression as guests enter the party.

Grey and white or gray and white and yellow, paper background, paper backdrop.

Catch My Party offers a great tutorial on how to make a paper rosette backdrop here.


Let’s face facts, your walls or wallpaper is not necessarily themed to whatever party you are throwing at the moment.  If you need to create a frame to use for party backdrops, Anders Ruff offers a great tutorial on building a frame you can use again and again right here.

Party backdrop in pink tulle, like a tutu.

The party backdrop above was made by attaching the tulle onto a curtain rod which was hung on the wall with Command hooks.  I can’t emphasize the importance of the use of Command strips in creating a backdrop without damaging walls.  Command strips can help you create a backdrop anywhere!  If you have not discovered these little wonders, you need to add these to your party decorating tool box!

Command strips for party decor without harming walls or paint.

Rainbow backdrop created from crepe paper streamers.This rainbow backdrop is fun, bright and very easy, using strips of different colored crepe paper streamers.

Tutorial for creating this ripped fabric party backdrop.Another take on a backdrop that was created using strips of ripped fabric and burlap.  This is perfect for a barn wedding.

Pretty pink party backdrop

How fun is this pink backdrop with silver tinsel overlay?  You know this will be popular for Instagram shots, and everyone will remember this party backdrop!Want to set the scene for a Hollywood themed party?  This is the backdrop for you!  

Valentine's day party, hearts and flowers, hearts and love, engagement party or bridal shower

I just ‘LOVE’ how the envelopes are reminiscent of all of those Valentines we exchanged as children!  Check out the whole party at Catch My Party!  Although mostly a white design with just a red envelop tucked in here and there, this is one of my favorite party backdrops.  This backdrop is inspiring enough to me me make me want to have a Valentine’s Party.

Lastly, for a really quick and easy backdrop….White balloons, and using balloons as a backdrop or background for a party or reception.Tape the strings of the balloons at varying heights ~ instant backdrop!Super hero party backdrop

What little super hero lover wouldn’t love this backdrop setting the mood for their next party?  You can get this one on Amazon!  Have you created a backdrop for one of your parties? Let me know in the comments!


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    1. Heather, Thanks for the link! That is a beautiful backdrop, and certainly those ruffled ribbons could be stored and used over and over again, unlike a lot of paper backdrops! I loved the whole post, of course, one of the twins has such a great name! (teehee) Thanks for checking in! Stay tuned for the pictures of the “clock” themed party I threw last night!

  1. Chloe, I love the backdrops and party ideas! I do wish I had known a lot of these things when my kids were little. All we did was a tablecloth and a cake…LOL Love and hugs!

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