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Especially Easy Frankenstein Cookies

Don’t think you have time to create anything special for Halloween?  Check out these no-bake easy and quick Frankenstein cookies.  It looks like these may have been difficult, but all you have to do is buy some chocolate-covered graham cracker cookies.  From there, it is so very easy!Easy Frankenstein CookiesStart out by putting your cookies in the freezer for about 15 minutes.  Melt green candy melts and dip your cookies in, covering 3/4 of each cookie.  While the melts are still warm, stick a couple of chocolate candies onto the sides of your “Franks” to simulate the bolts on the sides of his neck.  When the cookies have cooled and the coating has hardened, add a goofy smile with some decorating gel and you have fun and unique Halloween treats.

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  1. The last thing I need is another Halloween cookie, but these are irresistible!

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