Mini Mummy and Monster Halloween Cakes

Individual loaf pans were perfect for creating these adorable Mummy and Monster cakes.  These make fun gifts for neighbors and co-workers.  It doesn’t take a lot to create them and one cake mix easily bakes 4 of these adorable little guys!  Monster and Mummy cakes

These cakes would be a fun for a children’s Halloween Party.  Each child could get their own little loaf cake and you can offer cake frosting in different colors and all kinds of candies, to let them create their own little monsters.Mini Mummy Cake  This little fellow was created with a kit sold at craft stores this year which suggested you use it to make “Mummy Cupcakes”  I thought it would be perfect for these little cakes.  I could get four or more of these Mummy Cakes out of one kit.  The kit included the sparkly vanilla-flavored candy strips and the fun eyeballs.  Mini Monster CakeMy little monster was born out of extra purple frosting I had on hand.  I loaded it on and patted a knife against it to get it to stand up like fur.  He got a couple of goofy candy eyes and some orange and black sprinkles for his head, a black gel silly smile and there he is ready to party.

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