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Fall Kitchen Decor

It is time to pull out all of the fall decor and get decorating! I keep believing if I decorate for fall indoors it just might seem a little more like fall out of doors! The kitchen is the heart of the home and great way to start to bring in some fall accents. This is perfect time to start adding decor for the fall season!

Kitchen Island Fall Decor:

I start with my kitchen island whre I always like to keep some seasonal decor. This year I brought a rustic horse statue out of a bedroom and added him to my island. The deep rich bronze color is a great contrast to my white kitchen. I may switch him out for a turkey I have as it gets closer to Thanksgiving!

A dark horse statue on a kitchen counter with a fall decorated tiered tray behind it.

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This guy is usually reserved for receiving a wreath of red roses during a Kentucky Derby party but I think he wears this oak leaf fall wreath proudly too!

A brown horse state with a fall oak leaf wreath around it.

Sometimes I use seasonal fruits tucked into a dough bowl or gathered on a rustic wooden tray, but this year I went with a wooden tiered tray to add some height to my fall decorations and keep them raised up off of the kitchen countertop. A tiered tray is always an easy way to add some simple fall kitchen decor.

A tiered tray decorated for fall with pumpkin plates, a little plaid stuffed fox, bittersweet garland and seasonal fruits.

I have gathered together several seasonal elements to add to the tiered tray. A small pumpkin, pine cones and some faux fall foliage are gathered on the open shelves of the tray.

A tiered tray decorated for fall with pumpkin plates, a little plaid stuffed fox, bittersweet garland and seasonal fruits.

A stack of fall theme plates accompanied by some napkins in warm fall colors are ready to grab for a sandwich or a sweet treat!

A tiered tray decorated for fall with pumpkin plates, a little plaid stuffed fox, bittersweet garland and seasonal fruits.

Little things to add a fall decor to your kitchen:

Pumpkin spice soaps and lotions are the simple fall touches that make cozy fall kitchen feel warm and welcoming. These are so easy to pick up at local stores like TJ Maxx.

A favorite way to add seasonal decor to the kitchen any time of year is to pick up some tea towels with a seasonal theme. They always seem to have a large selection to choose from at Home Goods. I picked these up on Amazon with the link at the end of this post.

A fall scented candle is one of the simple ways to add the warm touch and scent to your autumn decor.

Decorating over your cooktop for fall:

When I was designing my new kitchen I knew I wanted a ledge over my cooktop that I could decorate seasonally. I began with a soft evergreen garland that had a few yellow green tones in it. I used 3M Command hooks to hold it up on the ledge while softly breaking the edge of the shelf.

A white shelf over a cooktop in a white kitchen with a faux evergreen garland on the shelf.

Next, I added several faux aged magnolia branches across the top of the evergreen garland.

Brown and tan faux magnolia leaf branches with pine cones on a kitchen counter.

I topped the magnolia branches with two fall oak leaf garlands. I had a wreath of the same oak leaves to which I added a few of the earthy tones of magnolia leaves from the same branches I used on the shelf to tie it all together.

My first evergreen garland was not long enough to cover the length of the shelf. I added the second one thinking I would cut it at the end, but realized I liked the look of it hanging down the right side. That is the essentially the edge of my kitchen, so it will not be in the way as I work in the kitchen. I topped it with a couple of the additional magnolia branches.

I am so happy with the finished project and will enjoy this throughout the autumn season.

Items for easy fall kitchen decor ideas:

Fall floor mats
Fall tea towels
Pumpkin spice soap and lotion caddy
Scents of autumn with It’s fall y’all candle

What I really want to try to make for my kitchen:

I spotted these sweet fresh diy rosemary wreaths over at Hen and Horse Design. Susan shows how to make them, and you might just see them hanging on my built in china cabinet soon!

Happy fall!

Now it is time to sit down and enjoy a cup of warm apple cider accompanied by a cinnamon stick and just relax and enjoy my fall kitchen décor!

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  1. Receiving your newsletter today has made my week. We are already in the process of decorating for the autumn months, and your ideas are the icing on the cake. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for inspiring us to celebrate fall! The only suggestions I have would be to add some muffins with your cider and some music to set the tone! I have hammered dulcimer and bluegrass playing while I decorate!❤️

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