Favorite Things – Pretty place settings and dishes I like.

I love setting a pretty table.  Pretty tablescapes are so lovely, and it is so nice to have options when setting a table.  Here are just a few of my dishes and how I use them to set a table.
Dogwood and brown tablesetting

My home in Ohio is very modern.  The design is somewhat mid-century modern.  Very clean lines.  These white dishes, which I bought as pre-packaged sets from Target, are my every-day dishes.  My china is very traditional, therefore, I have been using these for dinner parties for the past couple of years.  I have a glass-topped dining table.  I use these faux-snake-skin brown placemats, my white dishes, and contemporary flatware.  I top them with a freshly ironed cloth napkin which features a brown on brown graphic pattern.  For my most recent dinner party the dogwood was in bloom, so I clipped a little here and there to top the napkins.  I love how the brown tips on the dogwood blossoms coordinate with my brown and white decor.Lily of the Valley Tablesetting

When I am having a ladies lunch I love to use these dishes, both which I purchased years ago.  This is a girly-flowery table setting.  I purchased the large floral plates years ago and used them once as dishes, as they are marked as ‘food-safe’.  Unfortunately, the pattern started to peel off, so I now only use them as chargers.  I also bought these pale pink luncheon plates years ago, and love pairing them with the floral chargers.  The pale pastel tablecloth was a gift from a great-aunt, upon her passing, and the silver was also the gift of a dear friend after she passed.   I was born in the month of May, Lily of the Valley is my ‘flower,’ and has always been one of my favorites.  This time of year, I love bringing out this Lily of the Valley silver and picking some Lily of the Valley from my patch and adding it to my table.  Don’t use too much Lily of the Valley around food, as the scent can be very strong and over-powering.Lily of the Valley Silverware

Then there are my dishes for Christmas.  Once again, a Target find!  I kind of fell for these because we had a lodge-style kitchen at the time, so I used to use these for everyday dining.  I really liked these for holidays because there were so very many different kinds of dishes, particularly serving pieces.  I bought them all!Pinecone dishes

Look at all the pieces I got and was able to buy:

Lots of pinecone dishes

even more pinecone dishes

When you see a bargain on dishes, be it at Target, an Estate Sale, Home Goods, where ever, go for it, and get some dishes you will love entertaining with!

What is your favorite place setting?

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  1. Hi Chole, I hope I don’t offend you by asking this but would you ever sell your pinecone dishes? I too had this pattern from Target and I put them in my daughters store to use as “Display Only” for a Thanksgiving theme and a employee in her store sold them :(. I have not been able to find them again until now. So I was just curious to ask.

    Your web page is wonderful. Thanks, Jan Morgan

  2. Hello Chloe i also was wondering about your dishes. I had bought some to add to the ones i already had a few weeks back and recieved them mostly broken and they wouldnt even refund my money i was completely heartbroken. If you could just let me know if you would sell any or if you knew anywhere i could get more i would truly apprexiate it. Thank you!

  3. That is quite a stash Chloe! I learned my lesson about not buying in lots especially from the thrift store. I used to only buy in sets of four and then was heartbroken when I would chip a glass or break a plate. Now I buy all that available.

  4. Would these lovely pinecone dishes be for sale? Or would you happen to know where I can purchase them? I have a log cabin and they would look great in my kitchen.
    thank you

    1. I am so sorry Marianna, I shared a photo of these 3 years ago and was contacted by two different individuals who wanted to replace or add to their collection of these. Unfortunately, I don’t want to part with them. I purchased them at Target several years ago. I guess if I knew how to start a tabletop line, I would begin with something just like these! Good luck on your search. If I find something similar, I will email you and share them.

  5. I hear my voice in each of the comments. This set speaks to me. I remember when it was available at Target. I really liked it, but thought I would check back at the end of the Holiday Season to see if the pieces were discounted. I did go ahead with buying the platter for my daughter, but waited on the additional pieces. My BIG mistake! Every so often I will do a search online to see if pieces are available. Not much luck. I have found one piece at a Goodwill and now use it for room decor.

    Since you had actually bought your set from Target and that is the same pattern I remember seeing when I purchased the platter, I believe it to be the “true” Target Pinecone pattern. There is another pattern which is being identified online as the pattern ” Birchwood Chalet Pinecone Dinnerware from Target, whereas, your pattern, the one I remember which is identified as Holiday Pinecone Cream by Home. It might be two different patterns both sold at Target, but I only remember the pattern you have.

    Long story, short. A wise woman you were to buy the entire set when you saw it. If I have learned one thing, it is buy it when you see it or the opportunity may pass you by. I guess I will be stuck with wishful thinking when I look back at your blog from time to time, however, I will stay hopeful and continue looking for this elusive pattern. My treasure hunt.

    1. We are of one mind, aren’t we? I know it was an expense when I bought those dishes, but my hubby said, go for it. I have never used every single piece, but now with grandchildren joining the family, I am sure I will have the entire family with me for Christmas or Thanksgiving one year, and I will bring out every single piece, brimming with delicious family favorites! I didn’t realize there was a different pattern ever offered. I have had so many people who have seen these and messaged them and want to biuy them, it is a shame they don’t revive this line! Thanks for taking the time to write me!

  6. I also fell in love with the Holiday Pinecone pattern from Target and got a service for 4 plus a few serving pieces. If you ever come across anyone who has a spare bread/salad plate, I’d love it if you’d contact me. One of mine is cracked and I’m afraid to use it for anything other than sitting a candle on. I’ve checked Replacements.com and Ebay, can’t find one anywhere. I love your big set, you have pieces that I don’t remember ever seeing at the Targets in Indiana.

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