Five Days of Cute and Easy Cupcakes ~ Day Two ~ Owls

Chloe in the Kitchen                                                                                         

Five Days of Cute and Easy Cupcakes ~ Owls

Milk Chocolate Frosting
Original Oreo Icing (comes in a tube)
Chocolate Jimmies
Caramel Creams Candies
Mini M and M’s
Candy Corn
Hershey Chocolate Drops
Black Licorice Nibs or strings
White Buttercream Frosting

Frost your cupcakes in the oreo or the milk chocolate frosting.  Using the candies above, and the pictures for guidance, create your fun owls.  Use almonds, cashews or candy corn for beaks.  I couldn’t find licorice strings in black, so I used nibs, and cut them in small pieces to use for the feathers above my owl eyes.  I finished off my owls with chocolate jimmies to simulate feathers.  This is another fun and easy cupcake for kids to create.


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