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Five Days of Cute and Easy Cupcakes ~ Day One ~ Turtles

Chloe in the Kitchen

Five Days of Cute and Easy Cupcakes ~ Turtles

Buttercream Frosting
Orange Gummi Ring Candies
Orange Spice Drops
Candy Eyes
Green Spearmint Leaves

Frost cupcakes of your choice with white buttercream frosting.  Position an orange gummi ring candy on the middle of the cupcake, add a dollop of buttercream frosting to the center of it, and add the orange spice drop.  Cut each spearmint leaf at an angle, so that you get one large flipper and one small out of each leaf.  Position the flippers in the frosting.  Cut a head out of another spearmint leaf, add it to your turtle, and using a drop of frosting as the glue, add an eye to each side of your turtle’s head, and you are finished.  These can be prepared the day before.  these are also simple enough, that as long as a responsible grown up cuts the spearmint leaves, children can assemble the turtles.

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