A Life in Celebration: Time on the Front Porch

A Life in Celebration: 

Spending Time on the Front Porch

In Celebration there are lots of front porches.  Every house on my block has a front porch.  The surprising thing is that I rarely see anyone on most of those porches.  My husband and I spend a lot of time on our front porch.  There is a house down the street with a porch that gets used even more than ours. 

Just down the street and across is a house that is filled with love.  I don’t really know this family, but how do I know?  Many days, from late afternoon until early evening I can hear it.  Do you know what the sound of love is?

The front door is open and little bare feet run in and out at will.  Up and down the front steps and sometimes riding scooters back and forth on the sidewalk.  I can hear the mother and father talking or soothing the hurt when a knee is scraped or someone has taken a favorite toy.  The laughter that wafts on the breeze down the street is all the indication I need to know this is a home filled with love. 

IF you want to see more of my porch through the year, check it at Welcome to My Front Porch.  

What I love this week: 

What is more perfect for springtime than Peter Rabbit?  Debbee of Debbee’s Buzz is so creative with her tables and this one is an amazing fantasy tour through Mr. McGregor’s garden! 

Carol, from Bluesky at Home added a little trim and give a little lamp a whole new look!  

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  1. I remember when they built Celebration and marketed it as a “Front porch community” built by Disney with a emphasis on the school. How time flies.

    1. Yes, Annie, the years have flown by. We bought our first condominium pre-construction here in Celebration 20 years ago! We have been in our house here now for almost five years! I love all of the architectural details of the homes here.

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