Gathering Around a Thanksgiving Table

Gathering Around a Thanksgiving Table

There us not likely a holiday more focused on a meal than Thanksgiving.  I hope you have the opportunity to gather around a Thanksgiving table with family or friends this coming week.  I am happy to once again be joining Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home as she hosts a Thanksgiving Blog Hop.  If you need any more inspiration on celebrating Thanksgiving next week, this is the place to be! 

If you are coming from First Day of Home, welcome!  Don’t you love a good charcuterie board?  

You know it doesn’t matter if there are two at your Thanksgiving meal or twenty.  It doesn’t matter if you have turkey or hot dogs.  I will gather at this table with my husband, my parents and a friend.  It may not be on Thanksgiving day, but we will give thanks for our all of our blessings.  

Setting a pretty table may be what I do, but does it matter if you dine on paper plates?  No, it doesn’t.  I made this fresh flower table runner for this table, but on Thanksgiving day it may be a lot simpler at my house.  If you want to see how to create a centerpiece like this, you can visit How to Make a Table Runner Centerpiece.  

When I went to set this table, I discovered these pretty pumpkin salad plates in my cupboard.  I don’t even remember buying them, but it might have been last year.  

Notice two different kinds of napkin rings.  I was setting the table for six, but only had four of each of these napkin rings.  Mix and match is always okay, right?

These copper wine glasses are some of my favorites, they really add sparkle to any table. 

The green water goblets were a gift to my mother some 50 years ago!  I have used them so many times, and enjoy getting them out and remembering their provenance.  My standby Ikea flatware is always a good choice at this time of year.  Will you be setting a pretty table for Thanksgiving?  I might just be on the road from Maryland back to Florida.  Wherever the holiday finds you, may you be blessed to share a meal with those you love.   Now it is time to visit Calypso in the Country to see what Thanksgiving inspiration she is sharing!

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  1. You seriously need a tablescape book Chloe, this looks like something out of a magazine! I love all the different layers of festive fall color and how you used heirloom pieces but have your IKEA flatware on standby. As someone that has traveled nearly ever Thanksgiving I can totally relate to being on the road and treasuring the time you have together. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving no matter how you decide to celebrate. Hugs, CoCo

  2. Your table is so festive Chloe! I agree with your sentiments–it doesn’t matter the number of people or the exact day as long as we gather to give thanks. Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  3. Your table is gorgeous but you also have the right idea about the holiday. It doesn’t matter what you eat or what you eat it on – it’s all about the people Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. I totally agree with you that it doesn’t matter if you have turkey or hotdogs etc. My husband on the other hand is a different story. He says he must have turkey and dressing with gravy. He gets all snippy about it if I even mention something else. Your table looks amazing and your friends will feel special sitting there. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Your are the queen of creating a beautiful table, Chloe! Your floral centerpiece is so pretty and if I had it on my table, I would admire it every time I walked past it. Isn’t it wonderful to discover something that you purchased that you forgot that you bought like your pretty plates? I love everything about your table design!

  6. Chloe, your table is beautiful, and that centerpiece is stunning! I love the pumpkin plates. I hope you have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

  7. That fresh flower table runner is awesome! You always have such lovely ideas, Chloe. And, yes, you probably bought those adorable pumpkin salad plates last year… from Walmart. I know, because I bought ONE, and put a hanger on it to add to my wall above my open shelving last fall! 😉 Great minds, right? Love hopping with you, and you are in my prayers!

  8. Chloe, I love your table, of course (and it’s so great to ‘see’ you standing at that HUGE table!), and the mix and matching of the beautiful fall colors is always in style. How wonderful to have your mother’s stemware. I wihs my mother had saved more, but apparently she was one of the world’s best purgers over the years, embracing new trends and purging the old. But it’s your sentiment that is the heart of this post. It doesn’t matter if we eat on paper plates or fine china, it’s the experience of sharing the meal with those we love. I hope everyone can be with someone they love this Thanksgiving. I’m happy to be in your virtual company!

  9. Chloe,
    Your table centerpiece is stunning! And, I enjoyed your comments reminding us the number of guests, the dishes we use, and when we gather does not matter when we come together with our loved ones for Thanksgiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family,


  10. Your table is lovely! Loving the dishes and your centerpiece arrangement! It’s just going to be the two of us this time but I will make some effort to set a nice table! Thanks for your inspiration!

  11. Chloe, what a gorgeous centerpiece. It’s stunning. I love the wood table. It looks huge. I love the copper wine glasses; they go so well with the colors on the table. I hope you have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving whether you are in Maryland or Florida

  12. This is beautiful Chloe, I love all the bright colors and wonderful textures. You are always coming up with clever ways to style napkins, and I’m all for mixing and matching. I am crazy about those gorgeous orange goblets and the green ones that were your mothers! I hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving back in your home again!

  13. What a gorgeous table Chloe was sort of a tear for me. The beautiful pumpkin plates are from Mainstay; I bought 2 sets last year from Wallmart on line. I agree they are truly gorgeous. The table is beautiful and the center piece is my favorite. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy and be grateful for this time with dear one.

  14. Chloe, I always love your table length floral centerpieces — stunning! And I so agree with your sentiments on counting blessing if it’s just a few or a gang, casual or formal, paper plates or hot dogs! This year I have a large gang. Other years I’ve enjoyed being a guest and helping out. The important part is being together. Now that my son’s surgery and hospitalization is behind us, I have a lot to be thankful for. Wishing you all the best.

  15. Now that’s a table runner and what a beautiful mix of colors! Your mom’s green glasses are perfect for any holiday tablescape and certainly look so pretty mixed with your pumpkin plates. Hope you have a wonder Thanksgiving Chloe!

  16. That floral table runner centerpiece takes my breath away, Chloe! It’s so striking! I’ll have to check out your post. It really adds a sense of freshness and abundance to the whole table. I know your guests will admire it. (I’m a fan of mixing and matching, too!) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  17. So pretty Chloe and it screams (in a subdued way) fall and Thanksgiving. I hope that whatever you dine on that it nourishes your body and your soul. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  18. Chloe I love the bright colors and flowers on your beautiful and festive table. I also love those surprise plates you found!

    Your napkin rings look great. Mixing and matching is always fine by me, sometimes it adds more visual interest.

    You look so pretty smiling beside that amazing table. I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with love, blessings and good food. Thanks for joining the hop! Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. Chloe,
    This is just so gorgeous! I love that floral runner. I love the glassware from your mom! How fun to have it all these years! I love the flatware and dishes too! My favorite part of your post is your words though and how true they are. It doesn’t matter how many are gathered around your table, what you eat or eat it on. It’s being together that matters! So good my friend! I love that pic of you too!

  20. I am always in awe of your floral arrangements and this runner is picture-perfect. It’s fun to find something that you’d forgotten about and finding the pumpkin dishes was great timing. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and that you found time to relax a bit.

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