How to Make a Table Runner Centerpiece

Have you seen these lovely floral centerpieces all the way down the center of a table, filling the the table with beautiful blooms.  I decided I really wanted to create that same kind of look for a table I was going to be styling.

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience.  Click here to read my full disclosure policy.The day I styled this table, I started off early at the New York flower markets.  It is such a joy to get to stroll through the flower district and pick up such beautiful flowers!  This day I wasn’t looking for specific kinds of flowers, I was just looking for the colors I needed to coordinate with the china I would be using.  The china is Butterfly Parade by Christian Lacroix.  I was shopping for oranges, greens, yellows, whites and blue.  I also picked up some Salal leaves to use for my filler greenery.

I want the container for my centerpiece to ‘disappear’ so I selected these clear acrylic drawer organizers from The Container Store.  I added the arrow so I was sure you can see the containers on the gold table runner.

Five of these filled the table from one end to the other.

I took each of the containers I bought at The Container Store and cut a piece of wet floral foam to fit in each piece. You only need to leave  about 3/4 of an inch above the edge of the containers.  Divide the flowers equally among the number of containers you have to fill.  Arrange the flowers into  the first container and move the next container up next to the first one.  By building the arrangements like that, one after another, you will be able to make sure that each of the arrangements will abut up to the next one.  You can see how the arrangement fills the entire length of the table.  I added picks of butterflies to mimic those flitting across the china. 

A table runner centerpiece can be made any length and any kinds of flowers or foliage.  This was the first one of these I have made, but it will not be the last.  Don’t be afraid of trying one of these for a special event, dinner or party for yourself!

Come on back on Thursday for all of the details of my Butterfly Parade tablescape!

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  1. Absolutely stunning Chloe. Love how you used the drawer liners. Wondering what the occasion is and the cost to create the centerpiece? I’m gonna be in NYC this weekend visiting my son, wish I had a seat at this table!

  2. Chloe, this is so creative and drop dead gorgeous. Just love the look. As always when I see one of your wonderful tablescapes, I want to copy it. Thanks so much for the tutorial.

  3. How smart is this Chloe! I love runner style centerpieces, and this is such a great way to be able to use fresh flowers. The butterflies are an adorable touch! Love it!

  4. This is us beautiful, Chloe! And so perfect with your china pattern! I look forward to seeing the tablescape post latter in the week. Thanks for the tutorial on the centerpiece. I was especially glad to see those clear containers!!!

    1. Thank you so much Margie! I had so much fun playing with my daughter in law’s china, isn’t it beautiful? I am thinking about how I can make one of these for Christmas with evergreens!

  5. How much fun to shop for flowers in New York! I love he containers and they are one of the best ideas ever. The colors are so vibrant and perfect for the china. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished table.

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