How to Make a Golden Magnolia Wreath

Make a Golden Magnolia Wreath

Golden-Magnolia-Wreath1 (1)A gold magnolia wreath is a very rich addition to your holiday decor, be it for Autumn, or for Christmas.   In my part of the country, the leaves don’t turn colors and fall off the trees, they just dry up and fall off.  That includes the magnolias.  When walking with my husband the other day, I noticed so many magnolia leaves which have turned brown and fallen to the ground.  They don’t look nearly as pretty as the shiny green ones still on the trees, so I knew I would have to do something with them to give them a little “lift”.  I decided they would look beautiful painted a metallic gold.

Magnolia wreath formI used a straw wreath for my base of my wreath.  Just in case any of the base showed through, I wrapped it with gold ribbon and secured it with an S pin.  Gold Magnolia LeavesI gathered the leaves off the ground and then painted them with Krylon Premium Metallic Gold Paint.  I only painted the top of the leaves.  The fuzzy bottom of the leaves don’t take paint well, and I really didn’t mind if the brown undersides of the leaves were to show.  Then it was time to get out the glue gun and go to work.  I glued the leaves onto the wreath form, and kept adding leaves until I was happy with the fullness.  Gold Magnolia Leaf WreathI hope you enjoy my golden magnolia leaf wreath, I will be using it throughout the Fall.  I think I will add some red to it for Christmas.


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  1. I love magnolia trees and bringing a bit of them indoors is such a great idea. Isn’t it amazing what you can achieve with a simple can of spray paint!

  2. Beautiful! Magnolias are a favorite, and I LOVE the gold. I’m so happy gold is back in style. For a while it was all silver, and I missed the warmth that gold brings to decor, especially at Christmas. Thanks for sharing your lovely creation.

  3. Chloe, this is beautiful! I miss the magnolia trees from the South now that I’m in Seattle. A couple weeks ago, I even begged people on Twitter to send me some leaves just so I could make a wreath.

    Sadly, no one took me up on that offer, so I’ll have to just admire your beautiful wreath! Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Thank Goodness It’s Thursday. Pinned and tweeted!

  4. From one wreath love to another Chloe, this is amazing! I am drawn to its simple elegance and the fact that it an easy DIY! That is right up my alley! I am pinning this super pretty project! 🙂

  5. OK, I truly really super love this. I had high hopes this year of grabbing and preserving the magnolia leaves when they were still green and making all kinds of great Christmas decorations with them…and of course the brown took over before I had the chance. I would never have thought to break out the spray paint! And this looks so beautiful. Amazing job & thanks SO much for sharing at Found & Foraged!!

  6. Beautiful does they stay for long time or not My mom have a lots plants there in Fla would love to make one I save this for do it when i go there is beautiful one

  7. From one Floridian to another Chloe I know exactly what you are talking about. The Hubs just planted a Magnolia tree finally (he is the one with the green thumb) It’s about perhaps 10 inches tall, I have big hope for it. I always loved Magnolia leaves and like to use them in decoration. Your wreath is absolutely gorgeous and very inspiring. Absolutely stunning!

  8. What size straw wreath did you use? Have 2 Magonolia, one with very large leaves and one with the smaller leaves. (dwarf tree). Love your wreath.

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