How do you come up with ideas for a blog post, a craft or a party?

I have often been asked how I come up with ideas for my blog posts, home projects and party themes.  I want to share with you today how I get to the post that ends up on the page.  Sometimes I feel like the next idea is never going to come, and sometimes I have so many ideas swimming around in my head that I can’t decide what project I am going to do next.  What would you do if you had to throw a theme party tomorrow?  How would you come up with a craft idea to complete this week?  Would you know where to begin?    Silver PeacockA lot of you will love the way I come up with my ideas, because this is my big secret:  Shopping!   I like to entertain in original ways and love to have my home decorated nicely, so I will shop for my home when I am hosting an event.  Outside of that, I have never been a big shopper, but since I began blogging I have become a stealth shopper!  I don’t always buy something,  but I rarely return home without a great idea.  The silver glitter swan above is a prime example.  I had no idea what I wanted to do for my upcoming Christmas tablescape post, when I spotted this beauty at Home Goods.  I just saw her and knew she should be swimming in a pond of snow as the centerpiece to my table.  Thus, was born my Winter Wonderland Tablescape.  The beauty of shopping is it can happen anywhere.  Even on a walk! Golden-Magnolia-WreathThis post about the gold magnolia leaf wreath above all came from a walk through our neighborhood.  Essentially, shopping in nature!  I saw all these brown magnolia leaves littering the ground, and thought they would be beautiful again, if I would just paint them.  If I painted them, what could I do with them?  Consequently, shopping in nature gained me this blog post, and this beautiful wreath for my home.Bejeweled SkullThis spooky fellow above?  He came about by “shopping” on the internet.  I found the most incredible photo of a jeweled skull and I was inspired to put my own spin on the idea.  What came about was the creation of this fellow.

When you need inspiration for a blog post, or a party or a craft or anything, think about going shopping.  Think about what you are planning to do, wherever you may go, a mall, a walk in the park, your child’s art show, a grocery store or the internet.  I am sure you can find inspiration out there if you keep some thought on your project as you go about your day.  I hope this helps you find inspiration for your life, your crafts, and your home.

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    1. Sandra, I always think about how much, actually, how little space I have to store stuff, that is a good incentive for me not to buy much!

  1. Chloe,
    I love your creative designs and I share the same tastes with you. Great blog!
    Awhile back you posted a table setting with a lovely glitter swan- I happen to find exactly that same swan at my Home Goods and I love it, unfortunately they only had one. This is a long shot- but would you know of anywhere I could find another one?
    You’re a savvy shopper and you have that great eye, I thought you may have an idea. Any info is helpful, and keep up the chic decor, you’re so good at it!

    Thanks ~

    1. Toby, I haven’t seen another one, I will keep my eye open…but I might be willing to part with mine…my readers don’t want to see the same thing used over and over again. Let me know if you would be interested in buying mine, I would pack her lovingly and send her on the way.

      1. Hi Chloe,
        I would definitely like to buy your swan if you want to part with her! Let me know if you decide to sell. You can email me directly and let me know how to make a transaction.

        Thanks ~

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