How to Make a Halloween Light Up Haunted House

I thought this Halloween light up haunted house would make a great centerpiece for a Halloween party. This is going to be one of my favorite Halloween decorations now! I only had white lights when I made this, but I have ordered some purple and orange Halloween lights to put in my halloween house!

How to build the base for your light up haunted house:

Halloween is my favorite holiday to create spooky decor for!

Dollar Tree sells these little pieces of wood which were perfect for this project. I painted them with black acrylic paint.

I used Liquid Nails to secure the pieces of wood to one another and to the pizza pan. Fit the hula hoop between the wood braces so they will hold it snugly. You will need to let this sit until the Liquid Nails has dried and the pieces of wood are secure to the pizza pan.

Keep the seam where the hula hoop hooks together down between the wooden braces.

When your Liquid Nails are dry and your boards secure, you can use a general adhesive like E-6000 to attach the hula hoop to the bottom of the pizza pan and to the wooden braces.

Cut a piece of styrofoam that will fit between the wood pieces and sit on top of the hula hoop. Let it come up a couple of inches above the wooden braces. Next you can add moss all around the pizza pan surrounding the hula hoop and the wooden pieces.

How to make a light up haunted house:

Dollar tree sells several different haunted house wood cutouts. Select two that you like to begin your light up haunted house.

Paint both sides of each of the cutouts. I mixed brown and black for my houses. You can do so much, gray, brown, black, or even colorful like a Victorian house. It is so easy to paint the cut out with a Halloween theme.

A great way to give your haunted houses a ghastly glow is to give them spooky windows. Glue wax paper sheets onto the back of each of your haunted house cut outs. Make sure your houses are going to line up with one another so you know what the “back” side of your cutouts are.

I took several of these wooden cubes and painted them to match the paint on my haunted houses. I used several of these to attach the two houses together with hot glue. These will allow you enough space to tuck fairy string lights in between the two houses.

In the photo above, I am pointing to one of the cubes. These will act as spacers for the lights. You can see the wire from the fairy lights in the photo, also.

I glued moss down around the base and tucked the battery pack for the lights under a little bit of the moss. I set the houses over the styrofoam and then used three substantial wooden skewers down between the houses and into the styrofoam to help support the houses and keep them in place.

Decorating the space around your haunted house:

Dollar tree had these pretty Halloween bottle brush trees. I picked one out in each color they had a green, a purple and an orange one. Hot glue holds them securely in place. I just dug through the the moss to secure them to the either the pizza pan or the wood supports. I wish I had found some jagged wrought iron fence to add to this Halloween scene.

Wood cut outs of stacked jack o’ lanterns and a black cat were added to one side of the haunted houses. You can turn this around, as it is decorated and lights up on each side. The colorful bottle brush Christmas trees are added where some of them can be seen on each side of the Halloween displays.

Tiny pumpkins from Dollar Tree were given jack o’ lantern faces and tucked in amongst the mossy ground. Spider webs were added to the front of the houses. There is a spooky glow when it gets dark and the lights are turned on. Tiny jack o’ lanterns are tucked into the mossy yard.

Wooden bats from Dollar Tree are in a little package of six. They come on little clothespins. I painted the bats black, pulled off the clothespins and used hot glue to attach them to the hula hoop “moon”. The yellow hula hoop is a frightfully fabulous addition to the scene, suggesting the big glowing moon on Halloween night.

The light up haunted house centerpiece for Halloween:

This is not just a fun centerpiece to have on display throughout the Halloween season, but also a fun project to put together!

Like me, you probably have the perfect place to display and enjoy this fun Haunted house Halloween display! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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Supplies for making a light up haunted house display:

The following products were all sourced from Dollar Tree stores:

Pizza pan
Hula hoop
Wooden cubes
Halloween bottle brush trees
Haunted House wooden cutouts
Tiny pumpkins

Other supplies:
Acrylic paints
Fairy lights
Liquid Nails
Hot glue gun and glue
Yellow spray paint

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