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Fall Home & Garden

Mantel Decor for Fall

I admit, I am REALLY proud of this display.  Yep, I think even Martha would give me a thumbs up on this one.  It seems I want to make everything lush and full and luxurious these days.  Maybe since  I haven’t been out and about.  Perhaps things will trend back to normal and I won’t feel the need to go so “over the top”.  For now, this is what I am doing, and this is what I am enjoying!

white mantel decorated with white pumpkins and magnolias

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faux magnolia garland

Let me show you how I created this lavish display!  Years ago I had a chance to buy these beautiful 6′ magnolia garlands for $9.95 each.  I bought ten of them, knowing that I would use them time and time again.  As you can see,  they had seen better days.  You can see (despite my mediocre photography) them in better condition when used in my Coastal Christmas Mantel.

taping magnolia leaves together

Although I would use some of the garlands in whole, I also cut some of them apart.  I used floral wire and floral tape to put longer stems on the leaves and gathered some of them into ‘bouquets’ of magnolia leaves.  white pumpkin in the background with green floral wire with floral tape on it

Some of the taped leaves got longer stems on them and little loops.  I will show you what I did with those!  green floral wire with floral tape hooked on a command hook
cluster of magnolia leaves hanging from a mantelUse Command hooks as shown to hold garlands on the mantel, or to hold pieces you want trailing over the edge of your mantel.

white pumpkins on coffee table ready to be styled

In addition to the garlands,  gather all of the items you are planning on using on your mantel (and maybe a Coke Zero).  Notice, I even had some black and white buffalo check ribbon, that I later decided not to use. sign on mantel up on blocks of styrofoamI selected this sign for the center of my display, but wanted it to sit a little higher than right down on the mantel.  A pair of styrofoam blocks did the trick.  Use styrofoam, wood cubes or overturned cups or bowls to raise items to the level you would like for your display.

white fireplace and mantel with black and white sign and magnolia leaveswhite fireplace with magnolia garlands on itAfter placing my sign, I began adding garlands, the first ones hanging over the ends of my mantel. white mantel with white candlesticks on it and magnolia leaves

The next step was to place my candle holders.  Some of my candle holders came from a local closing Old Time Pottery.  Others were painted gold, so I painted them.  Nestle the candles among the garlands, making sure they sit level. black and white sign on white mantel with magnolia garlands and white pumpkins

After all of the magnolia garlands were added it was time to add three large resin pumpkins.  These beauties came from Michael’ and white sign on white mantel with magnolia garlands and white pumpkins

The majority of the pumpkins were these medium size.  These are a variety of real pumpkins, fabric pumpkins and a few artificial pumpkins.  I simply began filling in the space between the three large pumpkins to get the full and lush look I wanted.  small white faux pumpkins with skewers in them

Last, but certainly not least was a bunch of small pumpkins to finish off and fill in.  Some of these (again, from Michael’s) were of natural materials and already on sticks.  I cut those sticks down a little but left them.

small faux pumpkin with a skewer stuck in itSome of the artificial dollar store pumpkins got skewers added to them as seen above.  yellow arrow showing how to add small faux pumpkins to mantel decoration

Having a skewer on the small pumpkins made it easy to tuck them into the magnolia garlands and around the larger pumpkins.  If I had just tucked them up there, they were likely to just fall down on the hearth.

black and white sign on white mantel with magnolia garlands and white pumpkins

Here is the result of adding the smallest of pumpkins to the magnolia garlands.  black and white sign on white mantel with magnolia garlands and white pumpkins

black and white sign on white mantel with magnolia garlands and white pumpkinsThe pumpkins were all shades of white, cream and even a little gray. white distressed candleholder with a faux white candle black and white sign on white mantel with magnolia garlands and white pumpkins

I think I did Martha proud!  I know I am so happy to be able to enjoy this gorgeous display each and every day!  Will you be decorating your mantel for Fall? 

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  1. This looks fantastic. You should be proud. I’m loving all the fall inspiration out in blogland.

    XO- MaryJo

  2. Rebecca Payne says:

    Beautiful. I don’t have a mantel but if I did, it would look like yours.

  3. So inspiring and looks fantastic! I think you’re better than Martha Stewart 😉 Thank you for sharing.

    1. Shelley, I had actually decorated mine and shared it for a cozy fall home tour, but the more I sat and looked at it, the more unhappy with it I was. So, this is what happened!

  4. Rhonda Steelman says:

    So enjoyed this post. I’ve been staring at an empty mantle for about a month. Even hubby asked when you going to put something up there? My creative energy is sapped, but your post has kickstarted it. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much Rhonda. I actually decorated mine and was totally unhappy with it. I think I spent 10 hours online looking for inspiration. This is what I came up with! I hope you enjoy your fall decor as much as I am enjoying mine!

  5. Chloe your mantel is stunning. Magnolia is always a good choice.

  6. Cathy Marshall says:

    You have inspired me to get going on my new mantel!!! Thank you!!!

  7. Chloe, your mantel is beautiful, and I’m quite sure it would get two thumbs up from Martha (and anyone else who sees it)!!

  8. Really lovely. We finally sold our house & downsized to a rental 1/2 the size… meaning I had to eliminate decorations (not tablesettings, lol). It was painful. I love your older post with the skull topiary and am hoping to recreate it in another year when we settle down permanently. I follow you from Between Naps on the Porch blog.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! I have LOTS of storage space, but I am still always trying to weed things out and not keep so much on hand. I am glad you like that skull topiary, it is really quite simple and Dollar Tree skulls make it a bargain.

  9. Here I was asking you about a magnolia garland and you already have one. Why didn’t you say you had a tutorial on that? My live magnolia is dying. Yours looks much prettier. I love this mantel. Love your new email too!

  10. Your mantel is absolutely striking! I appreciate you showing us how to put it together. I could try but I don’t think it would ever look likes your. Love the little pumpkins on the skewers! It’s pretty!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  11. Chloe I love the look of your fall mantel. I have never used magnolia, so this inspires me. The pumpkins are a nice touch. Perfect for fall. I am happy to feature your lovely mantel at Love Your Creativity.

  12. This is beautiful. I love the magnolia garlands.

  13. Your mantle is absolutely gorgeous! You have inspired me. I can’t get magnolia garlands out of my head. Hugs to you.

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