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How to Make a Lemon Lime Centerpiece

How to Make a Lemon Lime Centerpiece

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This lemon lime centerpiece came from my idea to style a table around lemons and limes.  I see a lot of lemon inspired tablescapes, but I decided to incorporate limes for a little different take.  

I selected all white flowers for my centerpiece.  This is $16 worth of flowers from my local grocery store.  

I have this large bell shaped vase that I have used for a variety of things.  I had never thought of using this one for a vase inside a vase type of arrangement.  I simply put a cylinder vase down inside of my larger vase and then filled in around the edge with artificial lemons and limes. 

I filled the center cylinder carefully with water.  The next step was just to arrange the flowers in the center vase.  

A centerpiece of lemons and limes in a glass vase with white flowersI added some faux lemons on stems into my floral arrangement for the pop of yellow color and nestled the vase down in a preserved boxwood wreath.  

This made a beautiful centerpiece for my lemon lime tablescape.  I will use this method again with something other than lemons and limes.  

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  1. Very pretty. Now I have to keep an eye out for a big bell vase!

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