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How to Make a Tulip Carrot

How to Make a Tulip Carrot

Make a tulip carrot for your front door with just a few supplies for a fun springtime swag! 

Wire, wirecutters, scissors, faux tulips and some ribbon are all you need!  

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Just 4 bunches of nice faux orange tulips is all you will need to make your carrot door swag.  You will want to get large tulips for this project! 

Cut each of the individual stems of tulips off from the bunch that it is part of with a pair of wire cutters. 

Take three of the tulips and put them together to make the point like the end of a carrot. 

When you have the tip of your carrot looking like you want, pinch the stems together and take the wire and wire them tightly together. You now have the beginning of your carrot.  Continue to wrap the wire all the way around the entire stems as seen above.  

Now it is time to start growing your carrot.  Begin with three more tulips, but don’t shape them into quite as much of a point.  Wire these three tulips together just like you did the first one!  Easy, right?  Lay the second bunch on top of the first and now use that wire to attach them together.  This is what you should have now, you can see your carrot growing! Continue adding the bunches of tulips to your carrot.  I added 3 bunches of 3, then went to 2 bunches of 4 and finished up with one bunch of 5 for this tulip.    As you move up your carrot, you will want to fan out the tulips just a little more with each additional bunch you add.When you are happy with the size of your carrot, it will be looking something like this.  There is no need to cut off those additional stems.  I found some artificial asparagus fern I thought looked similar to carrot tops and cut some off until I felt like I had the right amount for my carrot.  Wire the pieces of greenery together and then you will wire them to the top of your carrot.  You will attach the greenery in the opposite direction of the carrots leaving a little space between the carrot and the greens.  This is what the back your your carrot will look like at this point.  You can cut some of those stems off if they are too high and stick above your greenery like mine appear to be.  At this point I tied a bow, and secured it with a pipe cleaner.  I used the rest of the pipe cleaner to fashion a circle to hang my carrot on a hook.  Your carrot is now ready to hang on a door or a wall and usher in spring!  Here is the carrot where I tried it out with a little different ribbon on it!  I hope you enjoy making a tulip carrot this springtime season!  

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  1. Donna Hughes says:

    Love this project!!

  2. I happen to have a bunch of orange tulips left over from a different craft and I am going to use them to copy your idea. Thanks for sharing and stay safe.

  3. Great colorful design!!

  4. I found this project on Hometalk and I am so glad that I did! It’s just so simple and Beautiful!!! Thanks for the inspiration

  5. I just love the idea of using tulips for such a beautiful door “welcome”” found it easy and fun…now decorated my bff’s door…thanks,glad I signed up

    1. Thank you so much, and what a sweet gift that was. That is a fun and different door decoration, isn’t it?

  6. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Judith Merrifield says:

    So sweet and differant..makes a door look fun.

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