How to Stock Your Home Bar

The first and most important thing to consider when stocking your bar, is what do YOU like to drink?  My husband is a Scotch drinker, therefore in addition to all of our other spirits, he keeps a variety of different Scotches on hand.  After starting with your favorites in your bar, you then want to begin with some basics.

Scotch in decanters on a bar cart.

The Liquors

Basics to begin stocking your bar would be the following, along with my suggestions for brand.

Vodka (Absolut)
Rum (Bacardi)
Bourbon (Maker’s Mark)
Gin (Hendrick’s)
Whisky (Crown Royal)
Scotch (Dewars)



The Equipment

A good corkscrew
Ice bucket
Cocktail Shaker

The Mixers

Red Vermouth (for Manhattans and Rob Roys)
White Vermouth (for Martini’s)

The Wash

Tonic Water
Cranberry Juice
Orange Juice


Suggesting wines and beers is a whole other post, just pick a good Red, a White and perhaps a local or craft beer.

Red Wine
White Wine

If you are entertaining guests in your home, lets hope that they are coming to enjoy your company, not your ability to mix complex and complicated cocktails.  A good host has good ingredients that he or she can mix quickly and make a guest a drink they will enjoy.


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