The Bar Car Renaissance: How to Add a Bar Cart to your Home

Bar carts are hot right now.  I don’t know if this bar cart renaissance is due to the popularity of Mad Men, but we decided we had to add a bar cart because we knew it would add sophistication to our new home.  In our previous and much larger home we had a substantial wet bar with full size fridge and cabinet space to spare.  In downsizing, we really needed a place to serve cocktails from, and a bar cart was the logical choice.

Threshold Bar CartThis bar cart is currently available at Target stores, nationwide.  For only $129.99, it is quite a bargain in the world of  bar carts.  I tried it out in the store and it is substantial and not at all flimsy or wobbly.  This would fit well in an apartment with a more rustic or industrial bent. Remember when purchasing a bar cart for your home to find a spot where you can easily access the cart to prepare drinks.

Modern Bar Cart

We splurged for our new home and bought this gleaming 1950’s Milo Bar Cart from Restoration Hardware.  The style and the finish were perfect for our new condominium.  One of the reasons I really enjoy having a bar cart is because all of our liquor is out on display.  People can see what we have, so they aren’t necessarily asking for something we don’t have.  This is not just a convenience factor for not having to say “I’m sorry, we don’t have that,” but also makes your guest more comfortable in being able to ask for something they like, which they see you have on your cart.  It reduces the whole guessing game.

Decanters of Scotch on a Bar Cart

My husband is a Scotch drinker.  For everyday, this is how our bar cart is set up.  We keep five decanters of different brands of Scotch on the top of our bar.  For a cocktail party we would re-arrange our bar to feature different spirits.  If you choose to use decanters on your bar cart, you want to take this tip from me:  buy some clear rubber bands and put a few on each of the lids to your decanter so that when they are closed the tops fit snuggly which will result in your liquor not evaporating.

Colin Cowie bar cart

This Colin Cowie bar cart with its round frame is a little bit retro.  This cart would fit quite well with a mid-century modern design.  This one is available from HSN for $249.

Foxed Mirror Bar Cart

Do you lean toward Art Deco design?  This Foxed Mirror cart from West Elm might be the way for you to add a bar to your living space.  The gentle curved lines of this cart emulate the curved lines of the deco movement.  A bar cart is a great way to get some bottles and glassware out of your kitchen cabinets.

Stella Bar Cart

Don’t have very much space, but want to add a bar cart to your living space?  How about this glitzy little cart that will tuck into most any little corner at only 20″ x 15″, from Ballard Design.  The cabinet at the bottom keeps spirits hidden from view until you want to bring them out.

Raskog Kitchen TrolleyIf you want something quirky, and really economical, you can find this adorable little cart at Ikea for just $79.  This can hold enough necessities to get you through a few friends over for drinks.

Should you decide to add a bar cart to your home, your next step is going to be how to stock it.  I will be offering up some tips on stocking your bar cart in a few days, so check back to get started on your new addition.

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  1. I see so many bar carts popping up in home design sites and would love to invest in one. You make a good point about it taking the guesswork out of what’s available. As well as clearing the cabinets and counter. Looking forward to your tips on stocking it.

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