How to Style a Fun Peppermint Tablescape!


How can a table not be FUN when it is a peppermint tablescape?  Just begin by building a centerpiece around all kinds of candy cane ornaments!

How to style a peppermint christmas tablescape

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A Peppermint themed centerpiece

If these fellows look familiar, it might be because last year they hung out on my candy themed tree!  

Silly elf as part of a christmas centerpiece

Add in a few mischievous elves and you have fun and frivolity! 

A peppermint themed elf sitting as a part of a christmas centerpiece
A cute little christmas elf as part of a centerpiece for a holiday table.
Peppermint swirl place settings.

Style your table with peppermint swirl placemats and plates! When I first styled this table I found these great quilted peppermint placemats that came with buttons and buttonholes so your could attach the placemats into a table runner. Sadly, these are no longer available, but here are a couple of options…the first ones are “synthetic leather” and come in a set of six. The second ones are paper and come in a set of 50!

Peppermint placemats that can be buttoned together to make a peppermint table runner

Red, green and white candy cane napkin rings were the perfect way to tie up napkins, a pair of layered candy cane striped over solid red. 

Candy cane print napkins and candy cane napkin rings.

When I spotted these salt and pepper shakers I knew these would find a place on my table!  You would almost expect peppermint flavor to shake out of these, wouldn’t you?

Peppermint swirl red and green salt and pepper shakers
A festive peppermint and candy cane themed table set for Christmas

Simple clear glass stemware held a little surprise for each guest.  A cellophane bag of chocolate and peppermint kisses was tied up with candy cane and green curling ribbon.  These explosions of curly ribbon added to the decor of the table, too!

The back of chairs decorated with candy canes and wreaths for a holiday table.
A peppermint and candy cane themed tablescape for the holidays.

Adding wreaths and candy canes to the chairs adds another fun element to this peppermint themed table

Supplies for your own peppermint holiday table:

Click on any of the links below to discover more peppermint themed items for your holiday decorating!

Peppermint candy napkin rings – Amazon
16 Piece Peppermint dinnerware – Walmart
Peppermint place card holders – Pottery Barn
A Peppermint server – Pottery Barn
Peppermint dessert plates – Amazon
Peppermint table runner – Amazon
Peppermint resin trees – Amazon

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  1. Chloe, my heart flutters seeing your table. The peppermint pattern captures my attention since it is a tablescape very close to my own choice of style when it comes to celebrating Christmas — plenty of color and whimsy. I am so glad you were able to find all of your pieces at various Hobby Lobby stores. I have always run into similar situations myself trying to find enough pieces to complete a 4 or 6 piece setting. The elves are so adorable and I love the ideas of the peppermint lollipops and curly ribbon to turn your gorgeous fun table into a party.

  2. Yes, it is a FUN tablescape! I am loving all the red and all your cute elves and accessories. How great that you were able to find the plates. I am sure all your guests smile when they enter your room! Thanks for hosting this festive blog hop!

  3. So pretty and festive. Love the peppermint theme. I have those placemats and yes with buttons, they can be made into a runner. The elves are darling. You even decorated the chairs, love that! I know what it feels like to be on the search for more plates. So glad you found them. Chloe, thank you again for organizing this fun Christmas blog hop.

  4. Chloe, your determination paid off! This table is a peppermint delight! Oh, those elves though. Adorable! How neat is it that the placemats can be joined to create a runner. What a great find. And, the wine goblets filled with candy is the perfect touch! Always a pleasure to join your blog hop! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  5. Oh I love this Chloe! Peppermint everything! How cool you can button those mats together! This is so jolly and happy, I know you had your little ones in mind when you created this! The elves are so cute and I love love the North Pole sign and candy cane napkin rings! You are going to be a hard act to follow on this hop, so fabulous!!

  6. Oh my, lady! This is my first stop on the blog hop and how exciting it is! Those convertible placemats are the absolute bomb! Love the plates and your mission to complete them, lol. I recognized those mischievous elves right away because I was so inspired by that ladder you created and did my own take on it. Wow, Chloe, what a really fun table this is. Kids would lose their mind sitting at this table! Make a little peppermint cocktail and I might too! Anybody want to join me??

  7. Chloe, I love that you were on a mission to get those plates and you succeeded! This table is filled with fun, color, and peppermint patterns that delight, I can see your granddaughters eyes light up! The placemats that can convert to a table runner is a great idea! I love the elves and I do remember them from your tree last year! Thank you for being a marvelous hostess to our group and for all the work you put into organizing these fun hops!,

  8. Chloe, Your merry band of elves and peppermint table is so festive! How could anyone not be instantly cheered seeing all those candy cane stripes?! I love the button feature of your placemats, transforming them into a runner. So glad you were successful in your quest to find your peppermint plates and I love the addition of your ‘wreathed’ chairs too! Thank you so much for organizing us month after month. I know you’re glad to finally be home and your daughter and grands are so lucky to have you. As always it’s a treat to join you at the table and blog hop with you. Merry December. ♥

  9. Chloe, you were definitely a woman on a mission and it paid off. The red and white swirl pattern on the plates and placemats sets the tone for this very happy and festive table. Every element adds to the Christmas feel. Thank you once again for a wonderful tablescape hop.

  10. I’d like to borrow a cup of your energy and creativity. Adults and kids both will be happy to share a meal around this colorful table. The fact that the placemats can serve double duty as a runner makes them even more fun. Decorated chairs are always a bonus and you delivered my friend. Thank you for another great year of blog hops and I’d like to thank your family for sharing you with us. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  11. Chloe, I saw your FB live where you unboxed these goodies, and I couldn’t wait to see how you styled this table. Wow!!! You really nailed the peppermint theme. My daughter would go crazy for this. Those plates were definitely worth hunting for! I love all of the details, especially those elves and the candy cane napkin rings. A truly whimsical table! Thank you for putting these hops together all year for us. Have a wonderful holiday season!

  12. Wow Chloe, what a whimsical, sweet and fun tablescape. A visual feast for the eyes and candy lovers everywhere! Red and white is a great classic holiday look and you really amped it up. I’m glad your hunt for plates had a happy ending. It can be so disappointing when you’ve found something you want to fall short. A great way to kick off the tablescape hop!

  13. Chloe, your table is definitely a fun celebration of the iconic Christmas candy!! Good thing your trek to find those plates was successful . I have those same plates or at least similar and I use them evey year when entertaining, you will be happy that your persistence paid off. I love those placemats, and the idea that they can button together to make a runner is fabulous! Your elves must be thrilled to watch over all the merriment this table brings!! Thank you for bringing us all together, especially when you have had so much going on in your life! I hope you have a joyous Christmas season!!!

  14. Chloe, your colorful peppermint table is SO festive and fun! Thanks for organizing another fun hop. Have a joyous Christmas season! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  15. Oh my gosh, be still my peppermint loving heart, that centerpiece is fabulous! I still have a Christmas crush on those little elves – so adorable! Your table is so festive and full of Christmas spirit. When it comes to Christmas, I think it’s difficult for anything to be “too much!” Merry Christmas, Chloe, to you and your family!

  16. Such a fun, festive and whimsical table for Christmas! I am so glad you found that 6th plate! No doubt it was fun shopping all those Hobby Lobby stores though! It’s pretty cool that the place mats can become a runner! I love your centerpiece the most!

  17. Your table is filled with joyful Christmas cheer, peppermint is a wonderful theme and the elves all make me smile the apple green one is my favorite, another beautiful tablescape. The place mats that button together to create a table runner is clever. Pinned, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and it’s been a pleasure to participate in all f the hos this year, thank you again. Hugs

  18. Chloe, this is such a fun table! I love the festive feel with all of your peppermint plates and decor. My grandkids would adore this. Thanks for the inspiration. I am going to meet Mary next week, I am so excited. I wish you were closer and could join us for lunch.

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