I Just Cannot Get “into” the Super Bowl

I have tried, I have really tried.  I wanted to bring my readers some great ideas for celebrating the Super Bowl.  I didn’t even know where the Super Bowl was going to be until I went to the BASH Conference in Phoenix.  I tried to start a post on healthy food alternatives to serve during the game.  I tried to start a post with some traditional recipes for serving during the big event.  You know what?  I just could not get “into” it.  I wasn’t happy with any of them.

Baked Chicken Wings
Source: Pillsbury

I like game day food.  I like chicken wings, like these pictured above.  Click on the Pillsbury link and it will take you to the recipe.  I don’t know if I would like these wings, they might be a little too hot for my taste.

Source: Elite Daily

Are you all excited about the game?  Are you having guests in for a Super Bowl Party? Do you feel a need to create what these folks are calling a “Snackadium”?  What will you serve?  Do you have room for everyone to have a seat with a good view of the television?  I am sending my husband to the Town Tavern to watch the game with fellow football fans.  They will serve him his favorite food and whatever else he orders from the bar.  I hope he has a good time.  He is very social, so I am sure he will.

Chocolate Strawberry Footballs
Source: Domestic Fits

I like chocolate covered strawberries, but I don’t feel a need to make them look like little footballs.  If  you want to learn how, just head over to Domestic Fits for the a nice little tutorial.  I read on another blog that Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest food consumption day in the United States after Thanksgiving.  Seriously?  What makes eating huge amounts of food necessary for watching a football game?   I am going to be eating something healthy and going for a walk, maybe do some blogging or spending some idle time on Pinterest.  How about you?  Just in case you are interested, I checked it out the following details for you:

The game is being played in Phoenix, Arizona.
The teams are the Seahawks versus the Patriots.
The game starts at 6:30 PM, televised on NBC. (Eastern Time)
Katy Perry will perform for the halftime show.
Idina Menzel will perform the National Anthem.

Have fun, no matter how you spend your day, on Sunday, February 1st.

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